How to Not Be "That Guy"

If there's any question about what I mean by "that guy" I invite you to read this before proceeding. If you already know about it from my last post then please continue on to read about the experience I had this evening... I recently discovered that there was a place right in my own backyard that offered laser tag and various arcade amusements. I had learned that they use the Laser Runner system and, after having played that system just last week, I was curious to compare and contrast the different facilities using the same game. With all respect, the experiences I was comparing turned out to be like comparing apples and elephants, as the place I visited tonight was not a facility on the sam

Quit While You're Ahead? Never!

I recently revisited another laser tag system that I haven't played in quite awhile. More as a matter of convenience, I was killing some time while waiting to meet a friend for dinner and the restaurant was located in the same mall that had a laser tag center using the Laser Runner system. I had played here before and deemed it ok, but all things being equal (and distance being the big equalizer) not my very favorite. I had only played in this arena once, but decided that with some time on my hands it was worth trying another round. I purchased three games and went in for the first. I must say, I like the aesthetic of the vesting room better than most. It was dark and the lights of the ves

An Interview with David Stay

This week I had the opportunity to have a conversation with David Stay (formerly known as David Anthony) who played the role of Mandarr on the 1986 Photon television series. This program was introduced at the height of the popularity of the original laser sport of the same name. In the years since it has become a piece of 80s nostalgia and a cult classic among fans. I remember watching this show as a young girl and it served as my earliest introduction to the concept of laser tag. David Stay is an actor, director, producer and writer. He is also a two time award winning film maker and a best actor nominee for the movie "The Sphere of the Lycanthrope". I want to thank David for offering some

Blasting in the New Year

It's New Year's Eve and I am off to a party at the laser tag center. I will be enjoying six hours of game play tonight and blasting in the new year. So this year I am passing on wearing a little black dress in favor of a little black t-shirt (always wear dark apparel so you don't stand out, especially if there are black lights in the'll almost always learn this lesson in the briefing room first). However, it wouldn't be New Year's without a little bling, right? So my duffel bag with a crystal blinged-out tribute to my favorite laser sport is the ideal accessory! Just kidding...I travel light when I'm actually playing, but wanted an excuse to show off my custom bag. In actuality

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