How I Spent Laser Tag Day

In celebration of National Laser Tag Day (or International Laser Tag Day...I've seen it written both ways) I had the idea to try to play as many different laser tag systems as possible in one day based on the number of centers in my state within a "sensible" driving distance ('geddon, party of one?). This was a slightly spur of the moment plan that occurred to me early in the morning while I was posting info about the website (which I was up even earlier in the morning launching because I thought it would be fun for it to go live on March 28, 2015). So I went to and plotted out a series of stops with the intention of playing one game in each location

The new launches today!

Happy International Laser Tag Day! I promised it here before anywhere !!! 2015 marks the 31st anniversary of Photon, the original laser tag that started it all, and to celebrate it today is the official launch of So if all these years later you still love and remember Photon and want to check out some fun nostalgia and memories then check out this site that honors the game and documents the history of the Photon television series. is a fan website which includes a collection of exclusive interviews with the cast, behind the scenes photos from some of their personal collections, a peek at some rare prototypes, collectibles

Because I Could

Friday, March 27, 2015 Because I Could My life has been so busy lately that I haven't had the time to blog...but that doesn't mean I haven't made the time to play a little laser tag in between my (many) projects. So let me catch you up on last weekend. I was running the sound for yet another production that I work on annually. In previous years I have served as the director for both the show and for the local program putting it on, which means I typically had to handle a lot of last minute details the night before the production. However, this year I simply returned as a volunteer and did not have those additional responsibilities, so when rehearsal was over I decided to go play some laser t

An Interview with Sensei Graham Ravey, aka Lord Baethan

I had been keeping this under wraps for a few days in anticipation of debuting it with the new website next week, but then there's no keeping anything under wraps on the internet (as someone has already listed it on the imdb external sites list...which is totally cool, we want to keep spreading the word) and besides, if you are reading this blog or checking out my site then this is really for you anyway and you should get a sneak peek. Just know that a new website is on the horizon for anyone who loves Photon and you'll hear about it here when it launches on International Laser Tag Day next weekend, March 28, 2015. Meanwhile, over this past weekend I had the cha

Tiv Got Her Groove Back

Sunday, March 8, 2015 Tiv Got Her Groove Back Yesterday I shared a bit about my first experience playing at Zero Gravity in Albany, but now I have to talk a bit about what took place when I returned for a second consecutive day of laser tag while I was out in the capital region. In no uncertain terms...I got my groove back, big time. I walked in and said hello to some of the staff I had met the night before. Unlike my usual Saturday night haunts they do not offer an all night special on the weekends (though they do on Tuesdays and Thursdays, which might be a reason to end my work day at my secondary office now and again). So, without a "start to finish" commitment I just bought a three game

Night of the Unexpected

I suppose the first unexpected thing that happened last night was that I got to play laser tag at all. This weekend I am running the sound equipment for a production happening just outside of Albany, so I was at rehearsal last night and didn't expect that we would get done as early as we did. I figured I might get the opportunity to go out the following evening, but I did not make plans in advance to play laser tag last night. However, since I had some time available I checked out and found there was an arena within ten miles of where I was, so I headed into the Albany area to explore. I had not brought appropriate clothing for the night. In fact I arrived wearing

Laser Tag 101

The other night I had arrived at the laser tag arena much earlier than necessary. The extra time gave me a chance to explore some shops including a little artists' gallery on the upper level. While browsing, the man minding the store commented on my shirt. "It says 'legally blonde', but you are not blonde" he observed of my shirt from the broadway show. I said "true, but it was the first black shirt I grabbed out of the laundry" as I went on to explain that I needed dark apparel for laser tag that night. This prompted a continued exchange where he had lots of questions about laser tag... "Are you going to a birthday party?" "Does it take place in a maze?" "Do you need to bring a partner or a

Attitude is Everything

I would like to strive to be able to say I go into everything, laser tag included, with a good attitude...but I am an imperfect human being and sometimes this just isn't the case. However, with every day and every situation faced there is a new opportunity to learn and to try to do better. By the end of last night's laser tag marathon I had realized once again that attitude really is everything. This is the story of a bad attitude turned right, but I have to acknowledge where I started and how it went wrong first. In hindsight I really shouldn't have been there at all last night. I had been under the weather this whole week, but I genuinely thought I was over the round of sickness that had m

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