Mixing It Up

I always assume that people who can play laser tag any time they want (i.e. the game masters) actually do play whenever they want and therefore must have a leg up, especially in their home arena, over the casual player (or even the weekly renegade like me). After all, I play a lot, but I do have to make an effort to drive a fair distance to play so it's not like I'm practicing every night. So, whether this is a correct or incorrect assumption, I generally expect the game master to be pretty good competition if and when he plays. And because of that the victory is all the more sweet if I happen to come out on top of one of those games, which is what happened in the first two Zone games last n

Chillin' and Taggin'

I just had one of the most laid back laser tag nights ever. I didn't take anything too seriously and instead enjoyed sharing the game with my friend Tracee who came out to see what it was all about. I wanted to get my last couple of standard games out of the way to complete last week's goal, so I started on that before she arrived. I met my objective and decided to retire that card. Interestingly enough, the rounds where I had to play with purpose and effort I felt were some of the best of the night as far as the game itself went. However, I didn't want to have to be "on" all night. Instead I opted for a new (and final) sign in option that I could keep at a level one for those times I just w

The First Appearance of "Tiviachick"

Last night I had the chance to implement my game plan for my Tiviachick membership and very nearly went from zero to six in one night. Actually I started out kicking it into high gear very quickly (and thoroughly confusing everyone who knows I'm a six, saw me sign in and then watched me do my thing without those restrictions). And you know what...it was just FUN like in the beginning. Now, if you want to know WHY I'm doing this, just go back and read my "Where is Home" post from last week. I won most of the early games (and as a lower level that just makes sense, even though it doesn't prove much) and it was interesting to FEEL the shift of each level as I was aware of the changes as the nig

Out of the Zone

What happens when someone makes you feel like sh!t immediately before you play a game of laser tag?...(and I'm not talking smack talk or even anything related to the game because that's just par for the course. I mean a serious inflicting of verbal pain). In my case it made me feel very weak and as a result I played very weak and half-heartedly in my first game this evening. Laser tag is totally a game won first in the mind. My mind was not in it tonight. The saving grace is that I'm playing against a group of college aged players, several of whom have very cocky laser tag attitudes and that may be the only thing that brings me back to focus tonight. I hate that, but it does bring out the co

Back in Albany

I was back in Albany last night for some Infusion and found myself in a couple of interesting games. I was top three all evening, but the first place wins I got were a little more gratifying based on the competition at hand. The first couple of rounds were decent (although I got a bad pack off the bat and had to swap it out early on in the game), but one player in particular stood out among the rest as being "the one" to take on as my challenge. He was good and clearly accustomed to winning also. For right or for wrong I spent a lot of time on the bridge just facing off with this guy. The smack talk flew, the shots cancelled each other out and it barely registered that there were other playe

Where Is Home?

I was asked an interesting question last night (Friday...posting late again). Lenny came up to me and asked "What's your home system? Someone wanted to know." I used to think this was a simple answer, but the more I play laser tag the less simple I realize it is. What exactly makes it your "home system" anyway? Is it the system you've played the most games on? In my entire life that would certainly be Zone...which is ultimately the easy answer to that question. Of course I play in more than one Zone arena, so is it the one place you go more often than any other? Most recently that seems to be the Laserforce arena (even though I've been balancing that with playing Zone, so that doesn't really

Two Arenas, One Long Night

It was a bit of a toss-up for me which arena to go to tonight. I am trying to play Zone on Saturdays, but find the practice at the Laserforce arena so much more worthwhile on the whole. However, I said I'd be back for Zone, so I went there first with the intention of seeing if there was a decent crowd, playing one game and then moving on. Well, the competition there was actually quite good this evening (although not the set I expected to see there) and I ended up playing against about ten high school guys...the semi-jocks as I call them. One of them (who incidentally was a very good player) recognized me from a previous night and seemed to have a score to settle...so I decided to go full out

Some Runner Along The Way

I was working to the east yesterday morning and as I was on my way back I passed a place I had been curious about for awhile. During the week I frequently go by this mini-golf course with a large building by their driving range that has a sign that says "Lazer Tag"...but they are never open when I am in town. Their hours are on the weekends and rarely do I have occasion to be over that way with time on my hands...but I did this weekend, so I stopped. I knew from looking at the building that they would be using Lazer Runner. Although I enjoy this system, I also feel that it equates to a lower budget kiddie laser tag experience...or LT Lite as I have called it before. Nonetheless, I wanted to

Q (-Zar) and A

Last night (Friday actually...I'm posting this late) eventually became very informative. Before that happened it became very irritating and very gratifying in that order, and here's why... When I arrived there was almost nobody else there. I get that this prom season and nice weather, blah, blah, blah...but I'm ready to get in some practice so I was up for playing with whoever might show. The girl at the counter didn't want to take my money until there was a group, so in all honesty I was on my phone trying to figure out if I'd do better to head to a different center this night. So glad I didn't. Right as I was about to take off a swarm of pre-teen/early teen girls decided to play together a

A One on One with a Few Extra Moving Targets

There have been some quiet laser tag weekends lately and when I arrived tonight there was only one guy there. It was Joe (the guy I've nicknamed Bhodi because he's such a good shot) and when I walked into the center it appeared that we were going to end up heading into a one on one. That was good with me as I have not had the opportunity to face off against him since the second place slump I hit better than a month ago. I give him tremendous props for being the best challenger I've gone up against in this particular arena, so a one on one would have been interesting. However, just before going into the arena two young and enthusiastic kids joined us. Now you might think that a game with four

Top Ten and A Photonian Conversion

Sounds like an episode of the Big Bang Theory, doesn't it? More on that as we get there. Several cool things happened at the laser tag center last night. First, the unexpectedness of walking up to buy my wristband for the night and being told that the owner had comped it and told the girl at the counter not to charge me. It was a nice gesture in thanks of a nice gesture and I appreciate it...thanks! Next, the scoreboard with the top ten players list has been updated...and I'm on it! As this was the first time my average would qualify for consideration I was interested to see whether it was high enough to land on the board. I suspected that after the last few "educational" rounds that it migh

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