Armageddon - Day One (and a half)

Armageddon is here! The tournament, that is. And I am happy to be playing with a great group of guys...Bill, Carl, Will, Andrew, Georgio, Ziggy and Ben...aka "Team Let's Go Buffalo". Here is the story of my first major laser tag tournament experience... They say what doesn't kill you makes you stronger, and if that's true I'm about to be the strongest woman I know! I was up at 5:00 A.M. on Armageddon Thursday packing up everything I'd need for my five day excursion. The first Armageddon injury is mine to claim as before I even left the house I jammed a finger on my trigger hand and had to ice my injury. So, that's how I started my journey towards Buffalo to meet up with the other New Yorkers

An "Infusion" of Positive Attitude

It is entirely probable that tonight was my last opportunity to play any more laser tag before I leave next week to meet up with my team "Let's Go Buffalo" and head off to Michigan to compete in the U.S. Armageddon laser tag tournament. I feel very fortunate I got to end tonight with an infusion of positive attitude, especially in light of my sour mood at the arena last night. I had occasion to be in the Albany area earlier today, so I stopped by my go-to tag spot out east. I showed up earlier than I normally would since I was already right there. I hoped on a Saturday there would be a bit of a crowd. However, this was Father's Day weekend, graduation weekend and a nice weather


So, something really heartless happened to me yesterday (if you think you know, do me a favor and just don't ask...all is cool now), but what I've realized is that thinking about it tonight has made me a thoroughly heart-less player (as in I am totally playing without heart tonight). My big rule is "no excuses" so let's call that a "rationale" instead. My mind is absolutely elsewhere and I feel it affecting me. I just came in dead last in a game of Gladiator, which normally is a game that I really love to play. And earlier I won a game of free for all by signing in as a level one, which I told myself I was not going to do...and yet... So all in all this has not been a night I am elated with.

The Absence of Malice

Remember the difference between the Peach Pit and the Peach Pit After Dark? That's kind of a...well, a really ridiculous parallel to the difference between laser tag and SM5 laser tag after hours with the better players last night. I just got to experience this on a whole different level. But as I was perched atop a raised platform (how did I even get up there?) watching during the one game when I rested on this otherwise steady night of practice I couldn't help but think "this isn't Kansas anymore, this is Pink Floyd's dark side of Oz". One night of playing with the serious players (at this game format which I really hope to eventually master) definitely gave me a much better feel for the g

Ladies, please...

Here's something I have never before experienced while playing laser arena with nothing but female players. It was interesting...and ear splitting...and like Kreskin I predicted to the game master that this night would be short lived. But tonight deserves a pink phaser award as it certainly was a first for me. Forget all that "role model" stuff from a couple of weeks ago. And also forget when I said I understand how teenage girls are because I was one...I mean, obviously that's true, however when I arrived for some Zone tonight and found the center had nobody there except for this swarm of overly boisterous teenage girls I was ready to head elsewhere again. Not because I didn't thin

The Unexplored Option

Despite a tornado watch in the area I decided to brave the weather and head out for some laser tag tonight. Unfortunately, I was the only one. I hung out for 45 minutes, but when the crowds of players failed to show on this rainy night I decided to try to salvage some tag elsewhere. All things being equal I would have preferred to stay at Force, but since things were quiet I decided to visit an arena I don't think I have mentioned before in this blog (mostly because I haven't been to this center since well before I started blogging). It's the sister arena to the Zone center I frequent most often. I won't go into why I opted against playing here for so long, but I will say that when I called

Perpendicular Lines

Tonight I had an opportunity to practice some SM5. Thank goodness! It is rather humbling in a way because this is new territory for me. Now, I've shared plenty of stories of the experiences I've had playing laser tag all over the place and for the most part I walk away feeling like I am on top of the game...however you rise to the level of the water around you and now it's time to wade into deeper waters. That means learning some new things...and clearly I'm still learning. I think I am picking it up, but the only way to make progress is to dive right in and do it. So that's what I am doing and there is a lot to absorb. Each game continues to reinforce what I am seeing come into play, howeve

How Did I End Up In Jersey?

Yes, I ended up in New Jersey. And that part of my weekend was AWESOME!!! Here's what happened on my weekend excursion to Staten Island. I went down to Staten Island to support Tracee and Lauren who both did an AMAZING job in their big competition. However, that only took place in the evenings, so I had all of Saturday free. So I decided to explore some laser tag in the vicinity. Now, I explained a couple of days ago that just because I felt like playing during the day did NOT mean that I would be able to just anywhere. Out of nine laser tag facilities I called there were only two that told me I could just walk up during the day and play. So I began by going to the one I found just a few blo

Learning Experiences

Tonight was a good learning opportunity as I got to try out a few different games including the one that's about to become most relevant to me, SM5 (Space Marines 5). I showed up for a members night, but due to my work schedule I arrived late. When I walked in there was a game in progress and...knife in my heart...they were playing Photon without me!!! LOL, ok I am being intentionally melodramatic there. Apparently I had once admitted that I'm not really that into actually playing Photon (more adoring it as a concept with a healthy dose of respect for what brought me here) and so when I started this same line of lament there I was quickly called out on it. Smile...fair enough. The first game

Is This Normal?

I was very excited about the prospect of being able to play some Q-Zar during an upcoming trip where I will be close enough to make a drive to Long Island. When I learned there was a Q-Zar facility that close to my target destination (Staten Island) I figured it would be well worth making a day trip. Sadly, that will not be possible. In fact, I'm finding it incredibly difficult to make arrangements to play laser tag anywhere in that general area and it has really surprised me. I thought that by planning ahead I would be able to make reservations if necessary and be able to explore some new places and, if all went well, get some practice on this unfamiliar system prior to it coming up first a

An Interview with Erik Guthrie and a New Look for the Website

This past week I had a chance to interview Erik Guthrie, curator of the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY. I thought he had some very informative and interesting views to share about the past, present and future of the laser tag industry... Big thanks to him for taking the time to "talk tag". I am appreciative of the interview and I am also glad to be able to debut it along with the newly revamped website I have been preparing for the last few weeks. You can check it out here... Or it's possible you might already be reading this right on the site because I am now hosting my blog in two locations. From now on you can find it under "Tiv Talks Tag" on the websit

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