Playing in Philly

OK, technically this arena is just outside of Philadelphia in Bensalem, but I was really glad to get an opportunity to check out the Ultrazone where we will be playing in the tournament in a few weeks. I have to say I was really impressed! When we walked in there was a full house in the lobby. A great crowd, predominantly adults, and it looked like they have a thriving playing scene out here...which makes obvious sense and was nice to see. I met the organizer of the event who was great and got us into a game immediately. My first game I really didn't play...took a shot here or there, but my primary focus was walking through the arena to get a feel for the place and some familiarity with the

The Pit Stop

Playing catch up from last weekend... On a recent weekend excursion to Pennsylvania Paul and I decided to make a pit stop along the way to a laser tag arena I knew nothing about other than it was close to our route. We found it listed on as using Zone Nexus so I thought it would be a great opportunity to sample another Zone arena for practice. As it turns out...not so much. Through no fault of the facility this turned out to be a waste of twenty minutes of time that we could have continued driving. You see, while it is correct that they were using Nexus equipment (which made this sign out front ironically incorrect)... was way too generous to use the word "arena

Why Can't They All Be Like This?

After a couple of quiet Friday nights I was very happy to see a good crowd out for laser tag last night. With the tournament a couple of weeks away we wanted to practice as much as possible and it is of course much better with a full house and quality players. Only two out of three of us from the local arm of the team made it out, but Joe and I took the opportunity to employ some practice strategy and rotation between offense, defense and upper level that I think was really beneficial. We also put a lot more emphasis on playing like we will in the event and following the rules regardless of what everyone else was doing. It's a little frustrating in some ways for example to be the only one ev

Something for the Laser Tag Museum

After learning a bit about the Laser Tag Museum in Louisville, KY and how the museum is preserving the history of the laser tag industry I knew I wanted to contribute to its collection in some way. For right now the majority of my laser tag collectibles are staying part of my private collection, but considering how great an impact Photon has had on me it seemed fitting to donate one of the rarities I had acquired that relates back to that. I was glad to give the museum a piece they did not yet have and appreciate the acknowledgement on their website. I also appreciate the time taken by curato

Defender of the Little Ones

Where is everyone tonight? It seems I will not be getting much practice time, but I'm already here so we will make the most of it. Being the defender of the little ones...this is actually a lot harder than it sounds. I am for all intents and purposes playing alone right now among a swarm of young kids. Well, not all of them, but enough that it's not really fair to call this practice. So, I thought instead I'd practice something different. I am practicing "selective" targeting...i.e. only aiming at people over four feet tall. I waited until the kids had chosen their teams and then hopped on the team with the smallest players (meaning they would already be out of the way as targets). I walked

Tuesday Night Tag

Past experience has taught me that weeknights are generally a waste of time for trying to play laser tag, but this is not the case in Albany. Their wristband nights are on Tuesday and Thursday rather than Friday and Saturday (as is the case in Syracuse) so they seem to pull a better crowd on these evenings. And since I am not going to be able to get out there on Thursday I thought some Tuesday night tag would be well worth exploring...and it was. First game out was solid...I won, but exerted a little bit of effort, so it was the right combination to start the night. During the second game two unusual things happened. First, Paul joined me to play. Second, they were doing some repair work on

The Draft

Short of counting those dreaded gym class activities like picking teams for kickball when I was in elementary school, I can't say I have ever been part of a "draft pick"...until last night. Although I am on a pre-determined team (All About That Base) for the upcoming Philadelphia tournament there will be a second round of competition with teams that were decided by a draft selection that took place yesterday online. What a weird experience! The first weird thing is the fact that we were assigned ratings for a playing ability based on… I haven't a clue what. When I registered I was asked to give a 1 to 10 numeric assessment on how I perform in areas of offense, defense and communication. The

A Nexus Night

Last night I went to the local arena that uses Nexus equipment in order to mix things up a little and get a better feel for some of the differences. I have played here only twice ever, so it is not as instantly familiar to me as the feel of the packs/phasers at the other arenas. There are different sound indicators, no courtesy shot that I could identify and a slightly different feel when taking a shot and making the tag. The bases are a bit different also and, though we did not take advantage of it, I know the system is capable of a much wider range of game functions than just the basics. I've started and restarted writing about this experience several times, deleting and beginning again be


Sometimes a little perspective goes a very long way. Last night I had an interesting evening playing in Albany. I went in primed to play a perfect night and aim for the top score each game. Sure, you could say that's usually my goal, but after last week's streak of success here I felt pretty confident I could pull it off. However, for a very good reason which you will understand shortly I did NOT go after the win every game...and yet I really enjoyed what actually happened. I chatted with two people and besides them I couldn't even tell you who was in that game. These two were a father and son team (the son is headed into the army so I want to take a moment to say thank you Austin for your s

Tag All Weekend and the Return of the Ducks

I started on Thursday night in Albany and then didn't stop, returning to Syracuse area on Friday and Saturday . For me Friday was marginal, So I'm tempted to skip right over to Saturday which was awesome, but I should at least make a passing note about Friday. I've had a wicked sore throat recently (I was seen by a doctor and am not currently sick, but I have had almost no voice and this throat pain for almost two weeks). So Friday night I was not in the best of moods because of that, but I wasn't going to let that slow me down. Nope...instead I let coming in second all night slow me down. Sheesh. Now, I was coming in second to Joe and I actually have great respect for his playing skills. He

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