Laser Tag and My Dad

My father passed away yesterday. It was peaceful and my mother and I were holding his hand in the hospital when it happened. I take comfort in knowing he is at peace now. If you're wondering how or why I could possibly be writing anything right now, let alone my blog, let me just say that the reason is largely that it is just cathartic to do so after everything that has happened in the last few days. 24 hours beforehand I didn't see this least I didn't expect it to happen this day. The night before I was actually playing laser tag. I had spent early Saturday evening during visiting hours at the hospital, knowing he was going to bed when I left. That's why I arrived to tag late. B

Unbelievable...I had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER!

Unbelievable...I had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER! I can't believe I am writing these words, but I just had the BEST TIME playing LAZER RUNNER! This morning started crazy early as I was driving Lauren to a competition (good luck!) and I didn't actually make it home at all from tag last night. Instead I stayed at my parents house which was closer to both destinations. After I dropped her off for the interviews I realized I had five hours to kill before the main event so I drove to Syracuse, but at 10:00 on a Sunday morning none of my usual arenas would be open (or have players) so I went to the Lazer Runner (aka laser tag lite) site in the mall and arrived just as they were unlocking th

Force and Zone Collide

When I arrived for tag last night I had a moment of panic when for the second night in a row I was told I was the only one there. Fortunately that was short lived and it turned into a great night. I was the only one there from our team and the first round was a smaller group, so I hoped more people would show later on, which they did. Early on I felt unstoppable. For awhile I was running a nice little streak of being first every game. However, at some point during the night I saw a shift in players that I didn't immediately recognize. I saw one player from the other arena who is a very impressive tournament essence he is the one running "auditions" for the local Laserforce teams.

Football?! Seriously?!

Football?! Seriously?! I set out last night to return to my favorite Laserforce arena that I had been MIA from for the last two months while focusing solely on Zone. I was pumped up from the last tournament and ready to play...but I was the only one. There was NOBODY there except a couple of the staff members. It was deader than dead and I didn't know why, but they did...a high school football game was taking place and everyone was there. Football?! Seriously?! Football ruined my wasn't even a Syracuse University game! I spent about a half hour talking with one of the regulars/staffers about tournament rules before abandoning this effort and heading over to my Zone arena...where i

Philadelphia Invitational 2015

Philadelphia Invitational 2015. Wow... This has been an experience. First, I count myself incredibly lucky to be here and to be playing with a team of people I genuinely like and respect. I also think it's amazing to be surrounded by the kind of laser tag talent that has come out for this event. Some people here are suggesting this is an even more competitive tournament than the Armageddon. It definitely is in a similar league of intensity...similar, not the same. :) Day 1: I drove over five hours for the third weekend in a month to get here. Our team agreed to gather in our hotel room for pizza and chill time prior to the event and the first person I met was Isaiah. We had a nice chat about

I Love the 80s

Tonight I am sitting at home watching the 1987 movie "Masters of the Universe" on Netflix and enjoying the scene before they transport through the open portal because as I watch it now I realize that in essence I am watching a laser tag battle between He-Man and Skeletor. Re-watch this film and you will see exactly what I am talking about. :) And I'm also thinking back on the tag I played over the weekend. Not quite sure what to make of Saturday night. In a lot of ways it was average. The normal outcomes for games played hard, but somehow I sensed that it was more a night of going through the motions than anything else. I was ready for some serious practice, but rolled with a more basic nigh

What I Do on the Weekend

I had a coworker tech for an event with me yesterday and we were close enough to Albany that I figured I'd get some laser tag in afterwards. I mentioned it and invited Spencer to come along and experience what I do on the weekend and we went to play a few rounds of Infusion. I enjoy introducing my favorite game to others for the first time. Although he has played other systems before, this was a first experience with Zone. It was not an overly competitive night, so it was probably a good evening for trying the system out. I showed him first how to take a base immediately and get it out of the way. Then we scattered and I used the night mostly for target practice. We did a three game package

Back in Bensalem

My last couple of weeks have been so crazy/hectic that it's tough to believe I played at the Ultrazone five hours from where I live on Sunday and somehow life landed me right back there Thursday night! So I was back in Bensalem for a few rounds before meeting up with some of my closest friends for our favorite weekend of the year! :) I played four rounds that night. I was top score in every game, which is good for confidence, but means very little as far as what I will encounter in two weeks. However, the experience of playing in this space was what I came for. I only wish that at this point (two weeks out from the tournament) they had the new Helios system installed as I really would have l

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