Not Quite Laser Tag...But Close

Last night before tag my friend Sandy and I did a zombie apocalypse paintball walk. Ok, so not quite laser tag...but close. As "creatures" jumped out at us (or more accurately moaned and alerted us to where they were) we targeted them with balls of paint and one by one they all tumbled down. We put on masks, which smelled awful, but gave the experience more of a Photon-like quality (except I could see better out of the paintball helmet). My brother was working the equipment table and when we got back he said "you guys should have used a lot more paint." I argued that I shot and hit every creature that came at me, thank you very much. Laser tag lesson learned: When you've got good aim you was

Teammates in Toronto

I am just back from a weekend excursion to Toronto and I had a really fun opportunity to reunite with one of my Armageddon teammates, Giorgio, for some Laser Quest at his home site. I brought along a group of my friends from the area and we had a great time enjoying a new setting (we went to the Toronto East location, which I had never played at before...we've gone to the Mississauga Quest in the past) and explored a cool arena playing one of the systems I don't get to experience often. Now, Giorgio plays as Onyx and was not going to be taken down this night (he's neck and neck right now with another player, duking it out for overall top placement in this arena...very impressive), but I held

A Little Spare Time

For the last two weeks I've wanted to visit a laser tag arena in Clifton Park that I stumbled upon while researching tournaments online. It's a place called Spare Time and the facility had just added laser tag a year ago, but somehow was not on my radar until recently. I figured I'd show up early and check the place out. When I arrived I found they were using Rift packs (not Nexus like I expected) feels like home already. The staff let me take a tour of the arena while waiting for an appropriate group to arrive and I got to tour a very artistically designed 2500 square foot space with an ancient tomb theme. There were laser lighting effects that were very cool throughout the two base, s

Do We Have a Problem Here?

Well...last night was weird. There's a lot of laser tag activity happening this weekend and the regular group I play with went in different directions, most opting to play Monday instead, but I went to our Zone site last night and was the only one from our group there. Although there was still plenty of decent competition, I was pretty optimistic that I could pull off a perfect night. So that was my goal for the evening going in, however something prevented that. Something...weird. I did take first place in the majority of the games, however things got strange very early on. I say this objectively...I lost the second game of the night ONLY because someone decided that they really had it in f

SM5 Just Beat Me Up! beat me to a pulp! Let's preface this by saying it has been about three months since I've even touched a Laserforce pack. The last time I played SM5 was in the Armageddon. And of course I had extremely limited experience with it before then anyhow. But coming off of a few months of playing nothing but Zone this was a hard crash back to reality. But it is necessary for me to get good at this, so I am willing to pay my dues and put in some time and effort to learn it. That said...damn! Let's just say this is as good as it got last night. My very first game of the night actually landed me in negative numbers! An embarrassing re-entry. I vowed to get my act together better than th

Team Catharsis

This week has been...hard. And by Saturday night I had been on a crazy up and down roller coaster emotionally and was just ready to return to something normal, familiar and positive...and running around an arena letting off steam seemed spot on. Thank goodness for laser tag. And also for the wonderful people I get to play it with. My best friend since junior high came out to try a few games. She is not a laser tag player, but it doesn't matter. She is a supportive friend who wanted to be with me every step of the way this week. So she was a good sport and put on the vest and ran around the arena taking part in something she knows I enjoy and making sure that if I needed a shoulder this week

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