To Buffalo and Back

Following my evening in Rochester I continued on towards Buffalo to meet up with some friends who were visiting the area from Toronto. We decided to go to Lasertron in Amherst (the major appeal for the group was the proximity to Olive Garden) and play a round before I returned home. While TJ and Ilana explored the flavored drink options in the lounge (yes, grape water is a thing!), Ankur, Garth and I took on the arena... I love to play with these guys. :) Although the timing of showing up mid-afternoon meant we were playing with a very different group than I had the night before, it was still a good time. I did ok...not great, not lousy. But props to Ankur who got the higher score during gam

Ready for Rochester

Spoiler: This story from Friday ends with me loving tactical laser tag... I was a little unsure of where this night was going to go as I had planned a trip to Rochester and Buffalo that was centered around playing a late night event at Rochester Laser Quest...that as of 5:00 looked questionable as to whether or not it was even going to happen. Now, I'll drive anywhere, anytime, especially for a laser tag adventure, but with the event up in the air I was hesitant about setting out knowing that if I went I was into this trip for my time, my mileage and the cost of a hotel room because of the distance. But I'm an optimist...and knew I could make the night worthwhile either way by checking out t

Step Up Please!

I was at one of my frequent laser tag haunts last night...I won't say which one. It was a whole lot quieter than I expected, especially being the night before a school vacation I figured some teens would at least show up. However, I got to play a few rounds with a nice group of three people who were learning the game (the guy picked it up very well and the girls seemed to be getting a hang of it by the end also). I was there to play, but NOT to stomp, so I actually did take it down a notch. I wanted them to have a good time too, if for no other reason because they were the only ones there! So I tried to show them how to get bases and answer questions during the rounds. But they only came for

It Means Nothing? I Can't Even Process That!

It's funny the things I care about at laser tag and the things I don't. Most of the time I could care less about accuracy as long as I'm racking up the points. As my strong suit is as a sniper, if it sometimes takes an extra shot I'm still getting my target. Meanwhile, tonight I was playing SM5 and found myself focusing on the bases (proud of myself for taking them very quickly in the first game) and just staying alive (which I did right up until the last three seconds) and picking off any target with more experience (which is just about everyone who comes out for SM5). What I don't pay any attention to are the achievements. No idea how they work, what I've done to earn them or what to do on

Bye, Bye Mickey

I heard some news last night that saddened me. I was told that one of the local laser tag centers (albeit one I almost never went to) has closed. Now, I count myself very lucky to live in an area where I am in relatively close proximity to a fair number of laser tag options. But seriously, when I say "relatively close" I still mean an hour and a half or more depending on what I want to play. The locations I plan to visit soon in Rochester are three hours away and, to do them right, will necessitate staying overnight. So even though I have options, I sure don't have enough to think nothing of it when I hear one is closing. What I will remember most about this facility is the rumor that the la

Props for Comps...and I Don't Mean Base Comps!

I know that's what it sounds like I'll be writing about, but no. Instead let me tell you how my evening played out. I'd been looking forward to getting back to Albany (even though it's only been a couple of weeks) and so I ended my day at my satellite office so that I could go back for their wristband night, which has always proved worthwhile with decent, generally college aged competition in the past. So I showed up a few minutes early and watched as a couple of groups showed up. However, the groups were a kids party and an ARC group...not appropriate competition for me to play against tonight. I know when it's just better to hang back. I waited in hopes that others would show up, but it di

Close Calls

Close Calls I think the theme of last night was an evening of close calls...meaning rounds that were won or lost by the margin of only one or two shots. On one hand I think that this makes things very interesting. I really do prefer to play out a good, close game and not be absolutely sure what the result will be until looking at the screen. That's one of the reasons I enjoy playing here. However, on the other hand it can be incredibly frustrating to lose by such a tiny difference. In the final game of last night I came in second by 50 points...that's one shot! ONE SHOT!!! I think Charlie Brown captured that feeling best... But you know what, that'

The Photon Alliance Practices Hard

Feeling the good kind of pain this morning. I've played a lot of laser tag this weekend and last night I went in playing hard from the start and didn't let up. There's a small tactical tournament going on this week and so Joe, Will and I played as a team in preparation for it. We had a lock on the top three spots all night in practically every game we played while volleying the top score back and forth. It was great to play it hard and see a consistent success while still keeping it interesting among the three of us. We will be working as a team at this event and the practice last night was really good. We needed to come up with a team name. Joe suggested the Photoners. Aw, an homage to the

Three Arenas in One Night

For several weeks I have been wanting to check out an arena to the south of me that runs Lasertron and I had never been to before. My hope after learning about this place was that it would be a good spot for me to get some Tron practice closer to home. But after playing there...well, let's just say I don't think this is going to replace any of my other go to spots. The one thing I'll say I did like was the aesthetic. The arena had a cool industrial theme. But as for the rest of's what happened. I showed up at the arena for what was supposed to be unlimited tag 7-11. They also offer roller skating here and one wristband would get you access to both for what sounded like a pretty goo

Tagging for the Hoops

It's funny how things work out sometimes. I had seen a post online about something happening at the local Laserforce center. I didn't know exactly what was going on, but figured I'd check it out. To my surprise I ended up unexpectedly playing in a tournament! Now, I use the term "tournament" loosely because this was really just a little local gathering (NOT on the same scale as the other recent events I've written about). In fact it was a fundraiser for a local youth basketball league, predominantly made up of the players and their families. I felt that the shirt I was wearing was particularly apropos considering I hadn't expected to be doing this... ...but I am always game for a competition


Last night was Halloween. I didn't play any laser tag, but instead I went to a party dressed like I was ready for laser space. I knew before leaving the house that my costume was not likely to be recognized by too many people at the party (although when my brother arrived he looked at me and said "nice" with recognition in his voice, so I think he may have been the only one who did get it), but nonetheless I decided this was the night to go out dressed as Tivia. This may require an explanation already. Aren't I Tivia? That's the player name I adopted years ago as a nod to a character on the 80s television series Photon based (loosely) around the original laser tag game. On the sho

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