Perfect, Undefeated Night

This happens now and again, but it's been awhile since I've accomplished it in Syracuse...last night I had a perfect game streak, start to finish, first place every game of the evening. How? Sarcastic voice: "Joe wasn't there" (...and ok, that was true, but I say that just kidding...smiley face). But I prefer to think it's because I was just very goal oriented and focused last night as I had set my mind to do this even before arriving at the arena. However, there was still an ample challenge in front of me. Nearly every game had between 30-40 players... So there was plenty of competition anyway. Particularly from a few distinct factions that formed throughout the evening. I stayed on one tea

Merry Day After Christmas!

When your best friend knows exactly what you want for Christmas and shows up with the perfect gift... Merry day after Christmas! Comments or questions? Contact: Websites: and Blog:

Returning To Rochester

I'm going to post this at the top because, well...who knows if this will ever happen again... This was at Lasertron in the sport arena where I got an especially worthwhile education out of my game play. However, that's fast forwarding to the end of my day. Let me start at the beginning. I decided that another trip to Rochester prior to Snowmageddon would serve me well, so I first headed out to the Laser Quest arena. First game out was a chance to warm up, but I ended up in second place. First and third place players were clearly regulars here as were a couple others who seemed surprised by the outcome. :) Getting some practice time with those packs and phasers (which are so large with trigg

Earning It The Hard Way

Moments after I snapped a picture of the scores from a round of tag last night the owner of the Laserforce center says to me "you know I can give you a detailed printout of your score, right?" I said, yes, but I was going to blog about it so the photo was better. Though I really don't even need that because I wasn't recording the scores for posterity. It was more about analyzing the context of this game, not solely my own performance. I went there last night to re-familiarize myself with this arena because it will be one of the sites for the upcoming Snowmageddon tournament that I will be playing along with my teammates on team Ascendance (formerly called All About That Base). Part of me was

Kids and the Christmas Spirit

Last night I felt a little like Miss Hannigan. Today I feel like an elf. What a total 180 and an infusion of the Christmas spirit! Let me explain. I knew early on yesterday that I'd be the only one of my group out at laser tag, so my first thought was to mix it up a bit and go to the Laserforce arena instead. When I arrived I was surprised to find that they had a different kind of crowd...two parties, lots of kids! In any other situation kids are great, but I do find having little ones underfoot does make it tough to play an aggressive game of tag. I prefer to play in a more balanced situation (although since I was already there I played one light game for the road anyhow). Then I decide

Picture It...

Picture it. Sicily,, wait. That's wrong. Picture it. The briefing room, right before the last game of the night. The game master comes in and scans the room making an assessment of whether or not to offer us the option of special game play this round. He begins... Kevin: OK, you all look pretty cool... Me: Said no one ever in a laser tag briefing room. :) And with that smartass remark...standard game. But it was a good one to close out a pretty good night all around. I had to work earlier so I showed up late, but there was a decent crowd waiting outside even though there was already a game in progress. Packed house tonight! When I went in for my first game of the evening I was read

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...For Laser Tag and Giving

My heart was warmed by an experience I had with a local shop owner earlier today. I work for a company that puts together one of the largest toy drives in Central New York. Over the course of several weeks our radio stations have broadcast from many different locations collecting toys that will be given to 28 local charities to distribute to less fortunate children prior to holiday time. So today I went into a shop with the intention of buying a laser tag toy to donate to the toy drive myself. My hope was that in doing so I could share the love of laser tag with some child out there who might not otherwise get to have the experience. I was disheartened to learn that the laser tag toys I foun

Changing the Name of the Game

Tonight was an unusual situation, but I figured out how to change the way I play to fit the scenario without being either a monster or a total non-entity. At first it didn't look like I'd be able to play any laser tag at all. There was NOBODY at tag tonight until a Boy Scout troop showed up. In fairness, they all looked like teens or close to it, so it's not like I went in with a group of young kids. But I also knew that this was a group that I could seriously hammer if I went in playing hard and I did not want to do that. So I approached the game differently. What's the thing that I generally care the least about at tag? Everybody say it in unison..."ACCURACY!!!" I probably should care mo

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