Fighting Idiocy with a Laser

Since I am scheduled to be a "Diva" for work tonight (not unlike all those other times I'm a diva at work when it's NOT scheduled, but this time it's for a special event) I decided to play laser tag last night instead. Not sure if that decision was for better or for worse, but it was certainly... interesting. We started late and I had a couple of easy rounds against a group made up mostly of high school girls that appeared to be on an athletic team together. However, by the third game the dynamic had thoroughly changed. There was a group of young guys - athletes, either high school seniors or first year of college I'd guess - who showed up. As we entered the vesting room I said to Kimmy, "th

Tagging with my Toronto Guys and Teammates

I always have the best time when my friends from Toronto get to visit! ...ok, technically the otters were already here. ;) I missed seeing Ilana this time around, but the rest of my crew made their way down to Rochester yesterday for a visit and some laser tag along with Steve and Rick who joined in for some fun at Lasertron. So much I enjoyed about this experience. First, returning to the tactical arena and NOT feeling like the game was going to kill me (see Snowmageddon for clarification on that). This time we actually played the tactical game in the tactical arena and it was fun again. I enjoyed being able to share some strategy with Steve who landed on my team while Ankur and Rick were

Winning Isn't Everything

I've been mulling that green haired sentiment since 3:00 yesterday (smile and wink to Ankur and TJ)...but here's how it plays out in my laser tag experience from last night... I got to tag a little bit early because I wanted to grab dinner first. When I passed the lobby I saw a pretty decent looking crowd of competitors. And I zeroed in on one particular group inside...there was a group of very confident looking guys, all on dates and clearly ready to impress their ladies. I smiled. This is my favorite kind of competition. I feel kind of evil for saying that, but... I went in with my favorite pack, Legend, and for the first time ever...the pack failed! I got as far as the first base with two


Well, coming off of last weekend's tournament where I was playing incredibly hard against some top level competitors there is a really comfortable ease in returning to a simple night of regular game play at my home arena. Last night at tag everything felt natural and easy...instinctive really. Like every shot was clean, on point and delivered with purpose. Maybe it's just because I'm re-reading Thieves of Light, but what it best compares with is a scene out of a book where everything is going just right in the game and you feel that momentum carry through in every action of the game. It was a really enjoyable way to play while completing another evening with an undefeated streak. And it was


How would I describe my weekend of intense laser tag playing with and against some top caliber players in the Snowmageddon? Exhausting! And rewarding...and strenuous...and fun...and educational. And even though every muscle in my body is screaming at me right now I would have to say this was an incredibly worthwhile endeavor for which I am so glad I had the opportunity to take part along with my team, Ascendance. However, it began with a rocky start when we learned the evening before that our team members from Fort Wayne area had encountered an unexpected problem and were unable to make the trip. Suddenly it became Stressageddon because we had two spots on the roster to fill by morning. Howe

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