Amazing Weekend

It's exactly one month (well, last night it was exactly one month) until International Laser Tag Day! Are we all going to get out and celebrate the beginning of the laser tag industry with the anniversary of the opening of the first Photon arena? Laser tag day is happening again on March 28th. Here's a link to the event as promoted through the Laser Tag Museum, so please check it out and get out there tagging! But why wait...let's talk about this weekend. It really was quite a weekend made even better with some laser tag added to the mix for good measure. I didn't get out to tag on Friday because I was occupied "working" at a concert event..

How to Kill A Weekend Right

Friday night I was ready for a stress release and there's nothing like tag for that. And it's even better when I'm joined by the guys from my team who give me some really good competition and comaraderie in the arena. It was a wicked night as it's the tail end of winter break and lots of teenagers showed up...but not the type who give good overly solid competition. These were more of the rowdy, PITA variety. Well, actually some of them weren't so much rowdy as they were...Ferris Bueller? Seriously, one was wearing sunglasses (in the dark arena) and just led a party train through the maze. No idea why. But then there was the skinny blonde kid who decided to harass me by getting in my personal

Victory for Team Victory LAP

Another Canadian laser tag adventure! I'm very proud of my Canadian/American team, Team Victory LAP (a cute acronym for Laurie, Ankur and Paul...since Jonathan dropped at the last minute we modified our team name). Side note...this may be the first and only time Ankur has called me Laurie since we met! :) We won first place in the DP Lazer Maze "Ultimate Battle" tournament out of nine teams and I ended up with the top individual score of the event. We had signed up to be part of a Family Day tournament at DP Lazer Maze in Vaughan, Ontario and met up with friends for a visit the night before. But the tournament was scheduled to start at 3:00 on Monday, so our team began the day with a trip to

Interesting Commentary

I was running a little late for tag last night...priorities. I was getting my nails done. Now they sparkle and match my phaser. :) Once I arrived I played a series of games (another undefeated streak) with some interesting commentary popping up throughout the night... First game - This game was smaller and there were some older teens plus a couple of little ones in it, as it was still early in the night. I always try to leave the little ones alone. If they are tiny enough to still be cute they should not be targeted and instead should be offered encouragement during the game. Note, this is my feeling so long as the following also applies... 1. They are less than 10 years old or four fe

Membership Has Its Benefits

Although I'm not entirely certain how the member points are even calculated, I am pleased to say that as of around 4:30 yesterday afternoon I was the number one ranking member at Laser Quest of Rochester. OK, now to backup and recap what got me to that point. The night before I was running the sound equipment for an event in Corning and stayed over, so I was already closer to Rochester than usual and thought I'd detour by that way before heading home. I stopped in to Lasertron, but on account of this being "Big Game Day" there was only one session booked with a group which I could join, so after a few successful rounds (my team won every game that round) I headed over to Laser Quest instead.

Accuracy, Not Obliteration

Lately I've been finding that wristband nights at one of my favorite arenas have been...well, quiet. Call it a mid-winter lull (or maybe a lack-of-winter lull). I don't know why, but the last few times I've shown up I've been crossing my fingers just simply for someone to play against. So, when a couple of players did show up tonight I genuinely didn't want to scare them away, so I tried to go solely for accuracy. The goal tonight needs to be accuracy, not obliteration. At this I both succeeded and failed. Even though at 50 percent my hit ratio for a normal situation wasn't bad...but I clearly didn't reign it in enough. The gap between my score and theirs was about 7000 points (which I real

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