Happy International Laser Tag Day!

Yes, today is International Laser Tag Day. It is also Monday, therefore every laser tag center in the area is closed. Sigh...but it's ok because I played every day this weekend so I got my fill and have time to recap since I must have the day off from work for a holiday like this, right? Oh...well, my boss says no, back to work. Anyhow, the weekend was good and I got in three consecutive days of tag. Friday we got the team together as best we could (3/5) at the Force arena to just get some arena time in and work out a bit of strategy. There were some moments that really reinforced that some internal strategy we’ve discussed has excellent results when actually put into play. Then Saturday w

More Learning Experiences

I jokingly say that the other night was the night that we all got put in our place…but in actuality it was just a really great learning experience to have our league team getting some practice with different game formats in a different space than where we typically play. In our home arena we are all top players, but this night was a whole other game. We were on different turf playing a different system and appreciative of the guidance from those who are the more experienced players here. We had four of us there from the Return of the Jim Jim Squad...or Vision/Fission...or whatever we actually end up calling ourselves for the league! :) Working on specific skill sets was part of the game plan

Empowerment Through Laser Tag

I've had a couple of conversations this week where laser tag has come up in unexpected contexts. In one discussion I was talking with someone about a few of my various side projects and it was pointed out to me that considering how many things I do that tie back to women's empowerment (mostly in the competition scene) that it was interesting to this person that I equally love laser tag so much. The implication being that because tag is predominantly played by a different group (mostly younger guys) that it somehow wasn't on par as an empowering activity for me as a woman. I considered this...then realized later on while dominating the arena that this is exactly why this is one of the most em

Tagging for a Cause

OK, you all know I love laser tag and sparkly hats, but this is probably the first time that these two things have collided like this... Yes, she was running around on my team playing in full regalia with sash and crown and I love it! :) Shout out to Abby for running a successful laser tag fundraiser in support of suicide awareness and the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. I went to support, play some tag and represent my MMV crew (with a name that mostly fit on the scoreboard). I used the new membership because obviously my tiara girls don't know me as Tivia, but it was a totally moot point as it appeared that Abby and I were the only pageant people in the house. Regardless, it wa

In Session All Weekend

As of this morning I am officially registered for Armageddon again. Because I am ready to be put in my place by the best of the best laser tag players...and come out the other side stronger and better for it. :) By pure coincidence I was wearing my t-shirt from last year's Armageddon when I went out to tag last night in Albany after rehearsal. I was only about eight minutes away from the smaller arena I don't get to much, so I thought I'd check that out first. I think mixing it up and playing in different spaces when possible helps keep you sharp. And I have a feeling what I did in there was the equivalent of what some Armageddon players can do to me...but it is all in the game. As menti

Tagging Into Another Year

"Happy Birthday Tivia! Hope you get to celebrate in the best way, with the pew pew!" - RivalBlue Indeed, I did get to celebrate in the best way. My birthday included arriving at my office to find my desk draped in Happy Birthday decor, a delicious sushi lunch, cake with co-workers and a fun night out enjoying music in the evening following...laser tag! What is ironic about how I spent my birthday is that so often when I explain to people that I play laser tag I find myself defending it by saying "it's not like what you imagine when you think of laser tag at a children's birthday party." Well, last night I suppose it was in a way...only with much bigger kids! I began and ended the night w

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