Baltigeddon - Day 2

Morning came WAY too early for day 2 of Baltigeddon. The second site was about an hour away from my hotel at The Zone (ironically a Force site) in Ashburn, VA. Upon arrival we had some time to check out the arena, which was themed very similarly to a site I have played up in Canada. In my opinion, SM5 is a very stressful format to begin with and perhaps that was exacerbated here because of the vast difference in playing experience levels, but what is most important is that we all gave our best as a team and I was pleased that we ended up doing well, winning four out of six of the games we played by a very respectable margin. I played medic every game, which is not my preferred position, but

Laser Tag with a Paintball Marker

After leaving the Darklight facility where I played my last round of "traditional" laser tag for the day I went off to explore something interesting. I called ahead to the Skyline Paintball and Laser Tag facility in Winchester, VA. When I asked what laser tag system they run I was told they had icombat. I had never heard of this before! Although it was a little out of my way, I was really curious to learn about the system and try it out for myself. Upon arrival I found the business housed in a large metal building. Most of the time when I see a building like this I assume that they will be using Laser Runner inside. This place is clearly predominantly focused on their paintball and they are

Baltigeddon 2016 - Day 1

Woke up in Rockville with an hour drive ahead of me for day 1 of Baltigeddon. This journey took a few turns along the way and I was the only one left from the original Ascendance group who was able to make it out to the event happening in Maryland and Virginia. I didn't know my other teammates before arrival, but had faith that things would work out (as they always do) and when I got to XP Lasersport in Owings Mills I started looking around to see who I recognized and who might be joining our Ascendance hybrid team. The first person I saw and recognized from her online photo was Irina. She was one of the three Russian Qzar veterans who had flown in to join us from Seattle. She introduced me

Where's Your Scoreboard?

It was an easy drive down to Maryland the day before Baltigeddon and upon arriving I joined my friend Jessica for dinner and enjoyed a Maryland crab cake in Frederick before heading over to Shadowland. I've been to Shadowland locations before, but this was my first time visiting this particular one that was located inside a mall. I purchased two games (because I knew morning would come quickly and I didn't feel the need to push it) and was ready to enjoy some Darklight. While waiting for the current game in progress to end I looked around the place and was surprised to find that something was missing. I asked the staffer "where's the scoreboard?" He said "we don't have one." What?! Well, OK.

Fake Out Strategy and Dreaming In Tag (aka I Can't Believe That Worked)

I'll preface what I am about to write with the acknowledgement that I am too green at SM5 to know any other ways besides what I have learned in my home arena, so my strategy scope (in fairness) is quite limited. However, I am heartened after last night that things about SM5 are finally starting to click in my head, even so much that breaking outside the box not only makes sense, but actually worked last night. In our arena it is fairly well accepted that the resupply break and begin the game in one of two by the entry door and red by the emergency door. I am pretty sure this is not the norm in other Force centers, but for ours it seems to be pretty much the formula. So, that sa

League Finals

We played in the league finals last night and I have to say I was pleased with how things started out. The format to be played each round was determined by a random spin of a wheel with ten potential game formats that could come up. Our team was up first and our first format was...PHOTON!!! I was really proud of my team. This was new to them all (I'm the only one who had ever played any Photon at all...and my experience with playing it is EXTREMELY limited, although obviously this was just the Laserforce emulation) and we got to select team color. Anyone who knows about it will probably not be surprised that I chose for our team to play red. We were playing against the team that had rank

What I Did Instead of Laser Tag

This weekend was more about what I did instead of laser tag, although it does come back around to SM5 on Sunday night. On Friday evening I decided I had to take a pass on tag in order to prepare what needed to be done for Saturday morning because we had a very early start. I took a day trip to NYC with a few other voice actors for a recording session with Joanna Cassidy. We finished up recording the audio for some scenes for the animated movie we're working on. It is absolutely remarkable to actually be working with an actress of this caliber... Gotta say, being driven to the studio in a limo makes me feel a little like Don Lafontaine! Thanks Dr. Jay! And thanks to CDM Sound Studio and our

Then and Now

In a way it's like a fresh start. I didn't even bother to write anything about league last week because it was barely worth talking about. But this week, for the first time, we had a full team and it's the team I would choose to play with any day. I was reminded of when I first started playing laser tag with some of these guys. It's cool to think back on when we first started playing tag together (when doing tournaments and such was just a kernel of an idea) to where we have gotten to along the way with growth, improved skills, several tournament experiences under our belt and new additions to our tag family. This is the Jim Jim Squad, then and now... Now: Then: As for how the squad held up

Reunion in the Arena

Ok, casual Saturday night laser tag isn't exactly battle, but it's even less so when in the middle of the "battle" you run into a friend from high school you haven't seen in years and you stop mid-game for hugs and reminiscing right in the middle of the arena. I couldn't believe it when I ran into my friend Kristie who I hadn't seen in ages, but in the middle of a game I rounded a base and deactivated her. Then she comes back around to take a revenge shot, to which I responded with "touché" before firing back, when she said "I know you" and we recognized each other and we started catching up right on the spot. It's funny what a small world it is. We both live a fair distance away and yet ran

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