Summer Is Here...

And that means that weekend laser tag around here is drying up like a desert. Sheesh! I went out on Friday to the Zone arena...nobody. So I just said I'd be back tomorrow and headed off to the Force arena...nobody. Sigh. Although I did smile and think it was worth the trip just to see that they FINALLY updated the top ten player list (it has not been updated since at least November and that's the point where I actually took notice, so it may have been a lot longer than that for all I know). So I went home and figured I'd try again on Saturday. Went back the next day and met up with Razz and Ace in the parking lot, so I figured we were off to a better start...until we got inside and realized

"States" of Mind

So, I am playing tag the other night and it's me against a group of pretty confident high school guys. They are so overly confident that they are chatting about how they won't have a "real game" until some others show up. I am sitting in a corner of the briefing room on my own just observing. Two games in a row those guys split into two teams, not paying me any notice, but leaving me as the solo player on the green team. The new game master, Nate, says to me "I like your odds." So do I. They quickly pooled their efforts and it was as if I was playing by myself against one large team. I love that! I had another undefeated night and that was pretty much a snapshot of how the whole evening we

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