Starting the Party

This weekend I got to play party host to about 70+ friends from out of state as we had a weekend long celebration in Albany. For the ones who came in a night early I wanted to showcase some of my favorite things to do in the city. So of course I took them out to play some laser tag at Zero Gravity! Besides being a chance for us all to catch up and chill before things really got underway on Friday, it was also a final opportunity for me to play some Infusion. You see, next week Zero Gravity is upgrading to Helios Pro! I will certainly miss Infusion because it is the laser tag that I cut my teeth on years ago, but I do look forward to having the latest Zone equipment right in my backyard to ge

Celebrating with Tag

These last two weekends going out to play laser tag has been really nice...and really needed. Some people know I am putting together a MASSIVE project right now and with one week to go I am in the home stretch. But last Friday was about as stressful a day as I had experienced in the entire year and a half I've been working on this, so with what felt like the weight of the world on my shoulders (and in my email box) I went off to play the most cathartic night of tag that really turned my mood around. Actually, this was the first time I can recall noting a physical change in me because of tag. I went in loaded down with all this stress in my world and after a night playing for fun and fun alon

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