Happy Halloween...(aka Supergirl Shoots at Harley Quinn)

I went out for some laser tag over the Halloween weekend and arrived dressed as I typically am when I play tag...t-shirt, jeans, sneakers and my signature Photon cap. And when I walked in there was a big crowd of people who were wearing regular street clothes. Then in walked Harley Quinn...no, not Kevin Smith's daughter (lol), but a teenager dressed as the comic character. I give this girl props for two reasons...one, it takes guts to walk into a room and be the only person in costume (there was intended to be a costume contest that night, but it didn't take hold with the majority of the players) and two, in a head to toe red and black velvet bodysuit she must have been sweating bullets to w

Testing a New Way to Play Laser Tag

When George Carter III, the inventor of the original laser tag (Photon) ended his interview with me in July 2015 by saying "Stay tuned, I'm working on a new way to play laser tag and you'll hear about it next year. I'll put you on the press release list" you can bet I was intrigued. I've been keeping my eye on his TZUUM project all summer so of course I was excited to receive this message in my email... "Congratulations! You have been selected to join the TZUUM closed beta! You can be playing by this weekend." I'm not sure I should say too much about the game itself at this point other than to tell you that it is a blast to play using just my cell phone and I feel really privileged to get to

Photon Authority? I'll Take It. :)

While visiting the Laser Tag Museum's website (www.lasertagmuseum.com) I recently found something rather flattering. It was a reference to the interview and video I had made a couple months back with the museum curator, Erik Guthrie. http://www.lasertagmuseum.com/laser-tag-news/2016-news/entry/2016/08/06/laser-tag-museum-interview-with-tivia-chick You could have knocked me over when I saw this! What I find really cool about this is reading in print that someone actually considers me "the world's authority on the Photon television series". Over the last couple of years I have been working hard to document and preserve this facet of the laser tag history and it's quite nice to be recognized li

Partners Tournament

Last night was the Partners Tournament in Syracuse and it made for a really good night of tag. I think competition can be a really healthy way of making people step it up...even though in Syracuse it seems that simply showing up is half the battle! Razz and I were the first team partnered up about a month ago, so we were solid going in. In typical fashion some of the other teams were forming at the last minute, but that didn't negate the quality of the performance they brought. I was glad there was decent competition. I was also glad that we were keeping the lead as we pulled first place all the way through the preliminary games. Three teams of two players each went in each round. Out of fiv

Hello Helios Pro!

Last night I went out to Albany to support Zero Gravity with their first weekend operating with the Helios Pro equipment. Although it's bittersweet because I do have a soft spot in my heart for Infusion, this is a big step forward and I was excited to play a few rounds. I said I would only play moderately to save my full force for the next day's tournament...ha! Well, I really didn't go full out, but I did play about 10 back to back games and had a blast with the various players who came out to experience the new system. I haven't gotten to play a tremendous amount of Helios Pro games in public matches...actually most of my experience with it came during last year's Philly Invites, so this w

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