Timing Is Everything

I can't believe it has been over a month since my last visit to play tag in Albany. After they got the Helios Pro system installed I totally expected to be spending a lot more time there because I really look forward to getting the groove of that system down solid. Although playing with Rift/Nexus feels more natural to me, playing with Helios Pro is the direction things are going and I feel lucky that this is now an option for me locally and fortunately with the holiday I had a chance to get two good days of practice in this week. When I went on Wednesday night I felt like I was reacquainting myself with the rhythm. Zone is absolutely a game where timing is everything and in my opinion is ev

My 75th Laser Tag Arena

I ended my day trip with a visit to what would become my 75th laser tag arena, Roseland Bowl in Canandaigua. Even though I am still a Finger Lakes chick at heart and this is relatively close by (only about two hours from home) I had not had an occasion to get out to this arena before now. So after playing a few rounds in Rochester I detoured this way to see what this arena had to offer. I had caught them on a quiet Saturday and nobody was signed up to play when I arrived, so I asked if there was an employee available for a one on one. The manager sent in Max, who gave me a good game. I think I took him by surprise. He asked if I had been briefed...I told him I know how to play (it was Helios

The End of an Era...Farewell Laser Quest Rochester

I realize that if you look back on this blog you will find a post titled "Why I'm Just Not Wild About Quest", but I must say over time my appreciation for it grew and I am saddened to know the Rochester Quest will be closing their doors in two weeks. So I made the trip out to play here one last time...or two because they are running a special to thank their customers. The staff at "mission control" we're really appreciative when I told them how far I drove to play my farewell games here. I haven't been here in probably about six months so my status as number 1 ranked member has dropped to 10 in my absence and inactivity. I wonder if I can do enough to boost it while I'm here? :) So I took

Really Not Worth The Time Out of My Day

After deciding to drive to Rochester to play one last time at the Laser Quest that is closing it's doors in two weeks I figured I'd make the trip even more worthwhile and visit two more arenas in Western NY to experience what they had to offer and check them off as my 74th and 75th arenas played. So, before heading to Quest I called ahead to Horizon FX a few miles to the north and asked what times tag was available for walk-ins. I was told that it was open for tag all day and thought I'd go there first. I try not to be negative about the places I visit for the first time, but in this case here is a little bit about why I will NOT be returning to this place anytime soon (and it has nothing

I'm Not Here For Pizza

It had been awhile since I'd played tag at the small center in Oneonta that runs Lasertron basically as a side activity along with their all you can skate night. When I bought my wristband for the night they tried to hype it up by letting me know it would also get me unlimited pizza and soda. And while it's a good value for the dollar, I'm really not interested in skating or pizza. I was there ready to tag at the start of the night, but once again tag didn't get underway for about half an hour and once it did the first game out was rather light. There were enough young adults there that could have made for some good competition, but most were preoccupied with skating (or maybe the pizza was

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