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I have become increasingly irritated when I read discussion online between players that claim to want to play tag, but somehow never do because they can't pull together enough people to play their specific way (SM5, forget everything else, does any other form of tag exist? - read my sarcasm), their specific day (a Tuesday night usually after 9:00 PM...does nobody have to work the next day?) and at their perceived level of quality (sure, tell everyone they suck compared to you and the handful of players who existed and then vanished years ago, that will bring more people to your party) and when that doesn't work then announce to the world that "tag's dead". RIP, end of story...sheesh. I can s

This Just In...

Yesterday I was called into my boss's office to join him on a telephone call and contribute my thoughts about... laser tag? This was unexpected because, although as a hobby this takes up a great deal of my free time, my actual job is in radio advertising and marketing so I can't say that laser tag really comes up all that often at work. I was pleasantly surprised to learn that he wanted me on the call because the gentleman on the other end will be opening a new laser tag facility in our city in just a few weeks! I am thrilled to know there will be a new center open much closer to where I live considering it takes me an hour and a half in either direction to drive to the closest sites that I

Tag Apparel

I recently designed some original laser tag themed fabric which I had custom printed and then using my seamstress skills I turned it into some fun tag apparel. Look closely and you'll see silhouettes of tag players glowing red and green and the square repeat points are actually bases. :) My first projects using this fabric (printed on poly spun spandex jersey) were leggings done with a larger version of the print and a tunic with the design reduced to a smaller scale and I wore the shirt while out at tag this weekend. My gears started turning on this idea when I received a note with the excellent suggestion that "now we just need laser tag leggings." I couldn't have agreed more! This fabric

I Can't Adult Today

Last weekend I was playing out in Syracuse and I wore this shirt. It just seemed very appropriate to the vibe of the night. And I wrote a bit (that I never actually posted) about the evening including the return of the godchildren (when out of the blue I hear someone yell "hey, godfather" at me I knew I had a team of teenage minions following my lead again and I must say I do think that's kind of cool). Last week there was a packed house of 41 players every available vest was accounted for. However, this week I headed out to Albany and it was a little quieter, but the sentiment of the shirt might have been equally appropriate. There were only a handful of players and it was difficult to fin

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