Baltigeddon 2017

Playing in this year's Baltigeddon as part of Team Syracuse-ish was really a great time. Originally I had planned to be a free agent for this tournament, but no sooner did I mention it to Razz than we ended up with a full team. He picked the guys up in Syracuse, I left from my half day of work out towards Albany and we all met up Saturday morning at XP Lasersport in Owings Mills, MD. Upon arrival at the center it was great to see some friendly faces even before meeting up with my team. I'm really glad that I've gotten to know tag players from all over the country, but I see some familiar faces each time there's an event in the mid-Atlantic region, which is cool. I chatted a bit with Marc and

Before and After

I visited a couple of tag centers both before arriving and after leaving Baltigeddon. On the heels of my Actual Reality experience I headed off to Jay Lanes Bowl TNT Laser Tag in Douglassville, PA. I've got to say, these were some of the NICEST people I have met. When I arrived there was nobody around for tag (which happens sometimes on a holiday weekend in the summer), but the friendly guy at the counter upon hearing about my travels let an employee do a one on one game with me and it was a great time. Thanks for playing John! Played a little Zone with Helios in a bright and colorful arena with a medieval theme. It was a good wind-down to a full day of driving. Then I headed to my hotel for

Actually Playing Actual Reality

On my way to Baltigeddon I planned my route to include stops at a couple of laser tag centers along the way. The first of these stops was to Planet Trog in Whitehall, PA. This place was particularly intriguing to me because they still run the Actual Reality laser tag system. In fact I am told they are the very last center in the world to still operate with these packs because the company behind this equipment ceased operating 15 years ago. Some history about this can be found on the Laser Tag Museum's website. Did you check out those pics of the equipment? Good...because that's all I have to show you. Unfortunat

Laser Tag On Location

I'm a member of a local chamber of commerce thast recently held an outdoor festival and when we were brainstorming ideas for the event I suggested hiring the mobile laser tag unit from the guys out in Syracuse. Everyone in the group thought this was a great idea and on the morning of our event a giant inflatable laser tag arena was set up on the church lawn offering short games for $5. Until they got to our event I had never actually seen the mobile unit set-up...only folded up in a pile by E-door. :) I've got to say, I was impressed with it. Sanch, Lenny and Zac did a great job running things smoothly in spite of the fact that it rained all day long. I'm really glad they were able to make i

Laser Tag is the Anti-Prom

If this idea had occurred to me in high school I might have done it myself! A group of teens who didn't want to go to their prom showed up at tag wearing formal gowns and Burger King crowns and told us "this is our prom". AWESOME! I admire the independence of these teens to pass on the prom in favor of choosing their own path. Although I went to four proms myself it was more because I love any excuse to wear glitz and a gown...the event itself never lived up to the hype. So I just want to say it's just as cool to pave your own way and do something outside of the norm. Glad they opted to tag instead...and I suspect that worked out better for at least one of them in more ways than one. Comment

Wednesday War Room

When you can't play actual laser tag it's cool to be able to play virtual tag! I am part of the Beta test for the latest innovation from the inventor of laser tag, George Carter. It's called TZUUM and it's a tag game played using an iPhone. In this phase we're getting to play against other players up to 2500 miles away! This is a really fun game that involves targeting missiles of different power levels and distances to strike against an opponent that could be anywhere within the range of the scan. So this past week they announced Wednesday War Room with prizes to incentivize playing during a scheduled window of game time. I was ready to go. Strategizing and targeting through 16 games (I

Arena Identity Crisis 2

Ok, once is a novelty, but twice is ridiculous. So the next stop was to Interskate 91 North in the Hampshire Mall in Hadley, MA. In researching this center I found that they run Laser Blast, so you can imagine my confusion to walk in and see this... Then I walked through the entryway... And walked up to the elevator that goes up to the second floor... And on the way up heard the speaker announce "Welcome to the Laser Storm transport system. You are about to enter the 22nd century. This is level two, the galactic arena." It sounded very much like the "Welcome Photon Warriors" voice. And even upon arriving at the ticket counter (next to a skating rink that seemed to circle around a good part o

Arena Identity Crisis 1

Fun America in Lancaster was the next stop. Clearly this used to be a Laser Storm site as it had some pretty clear indicators still remaining, even though they now run Zone Rift. Driving past the side of the building you see this... Once inside there is a colorful array of decorations and party spaces on the perimeter of a roller skating rink to make you smile and LOL. But if you head towards the back you will find the laser tag area with a few interesting things going on that make me think this arena has an identity crisis. First, barely any effort was made to cover up the fact that this is a Laser Storm logo with "Zone" added in place of the word "Storm". Just further affirmation of what

Kids Say the Darndest Things

I preface this post from the start by saying that obviously I KNOW this is not really playing laser's just a cute story from my trip. :) I wanted to visit a few Massachusetts laser tag sites on the way back from Boston, however to accomplish this put me there a bit too early...aka in prime kids time when I got to Laser Craze in Woburn. This center was incredibly well set up for children's parties with bounce houses set up in the "Adrenaline Zone" for kids, but there was also plenty of seating in the Craze Cafe for older players who just want some food and time to chill between games. There was a nice arcade area and it was a very nicely put together establishment. We signed in at th

Ironman Champion

I didn't expect to play at Laser Quest in Danvers during my recent trip to Boston. I was there to see Rita Rudner perform for the Women in Comedy Festival. However, an early show time afforded me just enough time to get to LQ and get signed up for the Ironman...and feel pretty good being named Ironman Champion at the end. :) While I maintain that every Laser Quest is pretty much the same as the next I did think this one felt pretty large. Although I wouldn't say spacious as there were ample structures to hide and shoot around. Everyone in the game were twentysomethings who seemed like regulars here...well, almost everyone. And a group of three guys who had their own little alliance were the

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