Playing Steradian

Today I had a unique tactical laser tag experience playing outdoors using a Steradian Eclipse model tactical phaser that appears to be a 310. This is different from the current Eclipse 400 (more on that later). I don't typically play tactical laser tag. In fact I can count on one hand the number of times the opportunity has even presented itself (Armageddon '15 if you count the single game before they dropped the system, Baltigeddon '16 and '17 and a couple rounds of iCombat are all the tactical games I can actually recall playing). So this was different and it was off to Milford, NY to play at Barnyard Swing, home of Wild West Laser Tag using Steradian equipment. We played a 1v1 in an "aren

That Went Well...

This was my second weekend of heading to Lake George for Cyber Blast practice. I returned to Adventure Racing for their AYCP deal and was ready to make the most of it, playing a round and then heading immediately back into the briefing room (which is really more of a waiting room) and sometimes just keeping my vest on as the games ran pretty continuously. Beyond being a good value for getting a ton of games in during a short window of time it was also great to play steadily throughout the night with competitive groups. I'm feeling pretty optimistic about playing this system in a tournament setting (and let's be real, this is a small scale local tournament I'm headed to, not a geddon or anyth

Cyber Blast Practice

So I'm going to be playing in a Cyber Blast tournament in a couple of weeks. Since this system is not one I get to play often I realize I need to find a way to get in some practice. And although not the closest or most convenient site locations to where I live I do know that there are two places in Lake George that run Cyber Blast. So instead of chancing another quiet night in Syracuse I hopped in my car and started driving to my 95th arena (I'm definitely hitting 100 by the end of the year) and paid a visit to Lake George Lanes and Games. Ok, actually I arrived too early, so I detoured to Sushi Yoshi for some delicious sushi before gearing up for a few games. Then I played a light round jus

The Short Version

I have been a slacker with my blogging lately, so I am just going to give you a really short synopsis of what I've been up to that I didn't write about before. The weekend that all the big state pageants were streaming I was out tagging. First I visited a friend in Rochester and reminded myself why I dislike Tron so much. It's a little bit like eating your vegetables...not as good as the chocolate cake that is Zone, but it's good for me and something I know I need to practice. Then I made my first appearance in quite a while over at the Force center. I spent a good chunk of the night watching the streaming videos on my phone and only playing sporadically, but by the last game of the night wh

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