Thank you Laser Quest!

I want to thank Laser Quest for selecting my photo as their selfie contest winner for this week! I'm appreciative of winning the four free passes because I have more Laser Quest centers that I am planning to visit in the very near future, so what a great surprise! Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

Weekend Getaway

I imagine most people who plan a trip out of state to play laser tag don't necessarily feel the need to warm up with a couple of games at a local arena first...then again, I'm that crazy person who leaves a tournament during the break to just go play more tag at another site before the tourney resumes! So since there was a two hour delay before setting out for Connecticut I decided to play a couple of rounds in Albany before heading for Newington, CT to play at their Laser Quest site. This was a great time! Upon arrival I wanted to snap pic... ...and so did manager Mike who photobombed! Lol. :) Next I needed an inside photo for the Laser Quest selfie contest, so we took a moment before going

100th Arena!

When the events in Utah we're over I called ahead to Outer Limits Fun Zone in Pocatello, Idaho. This would become my 100th arena! I spoke to the manager Stacy to make sure that I would be able to play some Lasertron if I made the three hour drive north into Idaho. Timing this out would be tight as I had to return to the airport in Salt City in time to catch a midnight flight home. Stacy asked where else I had played Tron and when I told her about my goal to play my 100th arena at her center she was wonderfully accommodating. So, off to Idaho I went! :) I arrived at the site and was informed that the ideal group for me to join would not be playing until 8:00. However, I needed to play sooner

Spontaneous Tournament Utah and Beyond!

When I left to go to work on Friday morning I did not think I would be headed for Utah by the afternoon...but life can surprise you! Having learned only the night before about a tournament with Nexus being planned at Seven Peaks in Lehi, UT as part of their "End of Summer Event" I wanted to play, but really didn't think crossing the country on a lark was feasible. However, I already had my tag clothes in the back of my car since I intended to play locally tag that night anyhow. I called the center and was told that this is the largest laser tag arena in Utah and that they would reserve my spot by phone. That claim to fame pretty much sold me on the idea that I needed to be part of this. So w

The Light Still Shines

Phocon is taking place this weekend at XP Lasersport in Laurel, Maryland. However, this is the first year that I have missed Phocon since it began. It's ok that they're down one Tivia this time because rumor has it they have two Bhodis there. :) Although I am sorry to not be there playing this weekend, I am still there in spirit and decided that while the Photon warriors are out playing hard tonight on the vintage system I would get back to my roots and play at FJ where my laser tag journey began...and then began again thanks to Phocon. For those who don't know my tag story I was too young to be an old school Photon warrior back in the day, but finding Photon on the internet got me started w

It's On!

I first heard about this tournament at Arena 51 on literally the same day that we found out that another tournament was being cancelled, so I thought this could be an ideal substitution. The tournament site is located halfway between Syracuse and my Ft. Wayne tag family so it seemed like an excellent midpoint for a visit and some competition. However, the Ascendance teammates I hoped would be playing the event with me couldn't work it out to travel during the week so I headed to this event solo, assured in advance that I would connect with a team when I got there. Upon my arrival I met my new team (Team Genesis) and joined up with John, Darion and Casey. I want to thank them for being solid

97...and Not 97

It's easy to have a sense of deja vu when visiting laser tag sites. I've been to so many and played the same systems over and over (and seriously, every Quest arena looks EXACTLY like the others), but this time I walked into Arena 51 Laser Tag in Middleburg Heights, OH and was immediately struck by the sense that I had been there before. Then this feeling was confirmed when I walked up to the counter and the girl at the register says to me "You've been here before, you're the girl who travels all over for laser tag, right?" Lol...yes. Well, I didn't immediately realize it because their name, system and ownership have all changed, but this was previously the Zone site called Laser Xtreme and

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