Laser Storm Out In The Wild

This post is appropriately titled because my visit to Michael's Fun World in Davenport, Iowa was my first time playing Laser Storm in an actual Storm arena. Up until now I have only ever played Storm when it the system was brought in and set up for 'geddon tournaments using Logan's packs inside of whatever the arena of the day happened to be. That means that I can count on one hand the number of times I've actually gotten to play this system, so it was really cool to play in an arena that was intended for it. The first thing that stuck out to me were the vests. When I walked into the briefing room and saw these packs I was dumbfounded because they looked like some kind of Storm/Q-Zar hybrid


From what I have been able to determine it appears that there are only two locations remaining that still operate with Intersphere laser tag equipment so it was especially cool that I had the opportunity to play at one of them in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. When I arrived at Westdale Bowling Center I met up with owners BJ and Kim who told me about how they purchased their Intersphere packs 20 years ago and have been able to maintain that original equipment all this time with the help of a skillful engineer. BJ told me that years ago when they were first looking at systems to purchase he knew that two engineers from a well known manufacturing company were also starting their tag business and he figu

Touring iCOMBAT

Last month I received an email from Brandon Mijokovic, VP of Operations for iCombat Laser Tag with a unique invitation to tour the iCombat headquarters in Waukesha, WI. This sounded very interesting as I have never had the chance to see the inner workings of a laser tag manufacturing company. It seemed like a perfect opportunity to learn more about this brand of laser tag and also to use the visit as the catalyst for another tag trip, this time leading me to play in three more states including Wisconsin, Minnesota and Iowa. When I arrived at the iCombat office building I was really excited to learn more about this company. I met Brandon first and then was introduced to the marketing and desi

An Overview of my Wisconsin-Minnesota-Iowa Tag Trip

I'm back home from my latest tag travels which took me into Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa and even back to Illinois over the course of only two days and there is SO MUCH that I am really excited to share. However, along the way there were three particularly cool experiences and I will need to take a bit more time to properly share the stories and pics of some of the really extraordinary opportunities I had involving iCombat, Intersphere and Storm, so for now this is simply a quick recap sprinkled with pics from some of the more typical arena stops I made along this trip. But hold tight because I have some pretty cool additional things to share within the next couple of days. :) I'll go into thi

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