Members Party

Last night our local Force center hosted a members party and I have to give them credit for pulling together a really fun night of laser tag. Although I have had some criticisms of member nights here in the past, this event was a great time and brought together a nice cross section of abilities (players ranging from level 3 to level 7), a variety of formats to play (some advanced games that we don't typically play on public nights) and an overall chill attitude from everyone (read "egos checked at the door"). So this was well worth the drive out on a Thursday...and the fact that I didn't have to get up for work the next morning was definitely a plus! :) Thanks to Sanch for hooking me up with

Office Tag

Anybody who stuck around my office past 5:00 tonight got quite a show as Spencer and Ethan (the IT guys) and I tested out some laser tag equipment throughout the building. I wanted to try out the new home laser tag game units that I bought the other night. While I was out shopping I stumbled upon these intriguing boxes... "Laser Tag Battle Weapon" is an infrared laser tag blaster with a built-in integrated target that can sync up with multiple other game units for a mobile game of laser tag anywhere you want to play. I actually found these at Five Below and for the investment of only $5.00 per unit it seemed like a pretty good value. So I bought a few to try out. They came in red and blue wi

A Great Gift Idea

My inbox has been blowing up lately with holiday offers from every laser tag arena that has me on their mailing list (which is a lot!), and most of them would make wonderful gift ideas for someone who loves laser tag (hint, hint...), but I wanted to showcase a particularly fun promotional video for iCOMBAT gift cards... This made me smile! This video was recorded at the iCOMBAT headquarters and features lots of the people I met when I visited Wisconsin last month. Very fun video with a great gift idea and nice to see all those familiar faces! :) Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: www.tiviachickloveslasertag.

Interview with an Industry Innovator: Martin Shoebridge

Martin Shoebridge has had a tremendous influence on the laser tag industry. He was the designer, technical director and co-founder behind the Actual Reality laser tag system and his work had great influence on other laser tag systems including Veqtor, Laser Force UK and Pulsar. Mr. Shoebridge is one of only two recipients of the International Laser Tag Association's Industry Innovator award which he received in 2012. I am very appreciative that he made the time to answer a few interview questions and share some background in his own words about his time and work as a true innovator of the laser tag industry. Interview (conducted by email Nov-Dec 2017, all photos courtesy of Martin Shoebridge


Since returning home from my most recent tag travels I've continued to play every weekend locally, but sometimes it seems like I now have less to say about the average nights I spend at my home sites after coming off of the more interesting adventures on the road. However, these are the places where I play for nothing more than the sheer enjoyment of the games, so that really does deserve equal attention. So here's how I've spent the last few weekends... Following a work event I enjoyed a few rounds of Helios Pro with Spencer (our current IT guy) and Richard (our intern) joining me for some laser tag in Albany. This was Richard's first experience playing laser tag and I'm really glad to know

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