Of Ankles and Averages

Ugh...Last night I twisted my ankle in the middle of playing tag. Not enough that I think I did any damage, but just enough that it's still sore a day later. Thankfully it happened during a game of Supercharge so my walking out mid-game to tend to it should not affect my average...which has already taken a few hits lately. I missed the top ten board by what could only have been one placement based on how close my average was when I walked in the door last night. But close does not count and I vowed to step it up. The first game of the night someone suggested should be guys vs girls (although there were significantly less women in the room). Tom agreed to that, but pointed to me and said "jus

Epic Coming and Going

I have to thank Sanch for giving me heads up about a new Laserforce arena that had only been open for about a week when I had a chance to stop in. Epic Gaming in St. Catherine's, ON, Canada is in a great location just off the highway where I have to pass by every time I drive to and from making visits to see my friends in Toronto. So I will most certainly return. :) When you enter this facility there are a few different activities to choose from. Immediately to the left is their golf simulator which seemed to be a very popular attraction already. To the right is their Balladium (which was new to me) where teams can target each other with balls. Then a little ways in you get to their laser ta

We secretly replaced Cody's regular pack with Folgers Crystals...

As I was scraping the ice buried under several inches of snow off my car before leaving for tag I almost decided to turn around and go back inside where it was warm. But I felt like I hadn't gotten in a full night of tag in awhile, so I pushed through the cold and barely plowed roads and set out for Syracuse anyway. My first stop was FJ, but they didn't have a group sticking around for the night, so I called over to the Force center. Fox told me they had about a dozen players on this snowy evening, so I headed the 20 minutes across town and was glad to see it was worth the drive along those unplowed roads...if not for the tag, then at least for the amusement between games. When I arrived the

Bye Bye Barski's, Hello GlowTron

I didn't actually get to play tag this weekend. I had planned to go on Friday...then the center closed early due to bad weather. I was busy doing the sound for a show in Corning all of Saturday and on Sunday I figured I'd either detour by way of Rochester for some Tron (but the temperatures were so cold I thought better of driving that far out of my way) or visit Barski's when I passed back through Ithaca on my way home. However, when I got there I learned that it was no longer Barski's...there is new ownership and it is now GlowTron Laser Runners. Now, don't let the new name fool you. This is not a Tron center. This site still uses Lazer Runner. I had not been here in about a year, so I mis

Happy New Year!

I was definitely ready to laser tag my way into 2018, but I didn't decide on going to the New Year's Eve party in Syracuse until pretty much the last minute. After tagging in Albany on Friday night I really expected I'd end up out east playing my New Year's in Queensbury just to mix it up a bit. However, I changed my mind and am glad I went to the Force center instead because it turned out to be a really fun night, straight from the first Rickroll. :) The members all played together in one of three rotating groups. This meant basically a second night of playing all special format games including some Gladiator and Photon (which made it worth it right there), but in between rounds they had s

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