Seriously Syracuse? (aka A Few Suggestions)

Yep, I fell for it...again. I am frustrated...again. There was supposed to be a local tag tournament going on in Syracuse tonight, but with only a couple of hours notice the tournament was cancelled...again. A rescheduled date has not yet been announced. To which I have to say "Seriously Syracuse?" Several of us were tagging last night, recruiting players and preparing for the event. And a couple of us were comparing our stamp cards too. Please tell me, how does someone actually complete this card if the site does not host a local tournament and has not since long before the cards became available? I really try to keep this blog positive, so rather than lament that this seems to be a trend (

Two Weeks Later: Fun Junction Memories

It has been two weeks since I heard the news that Fun Junction, my first laser tag home, had unexpectedly closed. This was not easy for me to accept. This past weekend I actually went back to the mall to see for myself and it brought out a lot of emotions. I walked into the mall and walked down this familiar hallway that I have so many times. I entered right behind a family with a young daughter. I watched as she ran up to where the center had been, put her hands on the window and pressed her nose up against the glass and I saw her process her own sadness as she discovered that it was gone. Wow...that hit home. I took a moment to sit on the bench out front and just reflect on all the time I

Two Laser Quests in One Oklahoma Afternoon

While in Tulsa you absolutely MUST stop by the Laser Quest. I’m so glad that I did! First of all, at 10,000 square feet this is the second largest Laser Quest right behind the one in Mississauga, ON, Canada (which would make it the largest in the United States). Second, there is a really phenomenal staff here. In fact, I got the chance to play with two of them, which was a great time and an unusual game. I called ahead and talked with manager Kadrian who hooked me up with an awesome souvenir that is apparently normally reserved for the staff (but they ordered a few too many, which worked to my benefit). We chatted a bit about where I had been traveling and how my end goal is hopefully going

Incredible Pizza in Tulsa and Oklahoma City

I wanted to check out the Incredible Pizza Company in Tulsa in part because I knew that Sanch and Beanz had done the installation of their new Laserforce system and lighting. To get into their laser tag arena on the weekend they require the purchase of their buffet as well, so I did so even though I was really only interested in playing some tag, so I made a beeline for their arena and swiped my game card. I had seen one of Beanz’s videos of this site, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. I enjoyed a light game in their single level arena with a space theme. Lots of neon and lots of black light effects against the walls and the paint-splatter designed flooring. And even though they

Andy B's

Upon my arrival in Oklahoma my first stop was to Andy B’s in Tulsa. Although the bowling alley was open I had gotten there before the games area had opened up for the day, so I took a moment to sit down and relax as it had been a long night getting between Denver and Tulsa. I enjoyed some quesadillas and fries from the snack bar and when the gaming area opened I was ready to join a family group for the first game of the day. I honestly don’t have much to say about this stop. It was a typical example of an average tag arena at a bowling alley. It gets the job done, but is a no-frills atmosphere. A pretty basic set-up with a CW arena design and minimal lighting effects. It was fine, but nothin

Ironman at Laser Quest Denver

I called ahead to reserve my spot for the Saturday night Ironman at Laser Quest Denver and I’m so glad I did because the game was a total sellout. It’s always the most fun to play in a packed arena! So when I saw how many people arrived for the game I was really excited to play…especially once I saw that this site had the new packs. :) We went in for the half hour game which was so much fun. I took a different approach than usual and did not explore the upper levels all that much. This time I pretty much stuck to playing a floor game and pacing myself. This strategy worked for me and I captured one of my highest LQ scores to date at 2921. The player in second gave me a really good run and it


I’ve had many wonderful experiences along this most recent trip…unfortunately there was one stop that I felt a little less positive about. I’ll preface this by saying any place can have an off day or an isolated experience, but since this was my one and only exposure to Boondocks in Northglenn, CO this is simply my personal opinion and takeaway from what I observed during the single game I played. I arrived and purchased my game pass for a game of Lasertron. I was directed to wait in a line where there were already quite a few people, mostly kids, lined up waiting to be allowed in. They weren’t assigned to any particular game time, they just let in as many as could be accommodated each round

Loveland Laser Tag and the Laserforce North American Headquarters

I received such a nice welcome from the staff at Loveland Laser Tag. I was excited to visit because this site is not only very impressive as an arena and arcade, but also because Loveland is home to the Laserforce North American Headquarters, which as a Force player I was enthused about. When I introduced myself as a member from the Syracuse site everyone went above and beyond to be helpful, give me a tour of the center and be as accommodating as possible. The first person I met was Noah who was kind enough to show me around and give me a peek at the Laserforce office. I understand why photos were not permitted here, but it was quite a treat to see the equipment in progress including stacks

I’ve Reached The Summit!

My next stop was to The Summit in Windsor, CO. This was a really great time! Upon entering the facility the sign to their Lasers Edge laser tag arena glowed like a beacon to the tag area in the back past some of the arcade attractions. I was enthused to see that their clientele exiting from the previous game was a bit older (i.e. adults, not kids), which was a good indicator as I purchased my game pass to get in on the next Helios game. Although this is an all ages family entertainment center with bowling, food and arcade I was glad to see that I would likely be getting a good quality game experience with some age-appropriate players. There was a quality group of a dozen players (including a

Too Much Fun at Chipper’s Lanes!

I got a bonus stop while in Fort Collins, CO with a recommendation that I stop by Chipper’s Lanes. This place was too much fun! The staff here are so upbeat and keep this place fun for all ages. When I arrived they gave me a real VIP welcome (who me?) and we got a game in right away playing some Nexus and a format that was new to me, Rainbow Solo, that was described as a “king of the mountain” game all about the bases. Only one base would be on at a time and whenever that base was deactivated it would reactivate a different base in another part of the arena. Since I very rarely get to play specialty Zone games this was a real treat! We began of course in the briefing room where we watched wh

Fun Time at Fort Fun: First Stop in Colorado

My first stop once arriving in Colorado was to Fort Fun located in Fort Collins. This would be the first time I would get to play Darklight at a center that wasn’t a Shadowland, so I was looking forward to it. I went in with a small group including Daniel and Ashlynn who were a father/daughter team and explored what was a pretty impressive multi-level arena. Trinity was the game master and I had to give her props…she’s the first game master I have ever seen walk an arena wearing heels! I also thank her for making a recommendation that allowed me to play one extra site in the area. This arena has airbrushed walls. It had some octagonal alcoves and ramp connections that took you up to a mid-se

What Up Wyoming!

After two days of travel to get to and from Montana I was ready to play some laser tag in Wyoming. This state also has very limited options for tag with only two arenas in the entire state. One site in Laramie did not open until later on, so I opted to go to the Cheyenne Ice and Event Center where I had called ahead earlier in the week. I explained that because of my schedule I was likely going to be passing by very early in the day. As such, I hoped that if there were no other players that early that a staff member would be willing to play and she assured me this would be possible. So when I arrived at 9:00 am and the place was as quiet as I expected I walked up to the counter and introduce

Montana: Getting Here Was MORE Than Half The Battle

In one day I went from brushing snow off my windshield in New York to summer temps while passing through Texas and then back to snow in Montana…actually that sounds like the weather last week at home. :) Montana in April sounded like a good idea at the time. Who knew it would look so much like New York…also in April. I won’t be complaining about the weather anymore. I’m really glad I made it to Montana. It was definitely one of the more challenging states for me to visit because my preferred airline only has one flight in and one flight out of Billings each day. So that means a Montana adventure has to be planned accordingly. Here’s how mine played out. My flight out of Albany left first thi

Amazing Arrival: Veqtor and Stunner Packs

I have been away for the better part of a week traveling to four more states on the other side of the country. Over the course of this trip I got to visit laser tag sites in Montana, Wyoming, Colorado and Oklahoma. I have so many stories and photos and memories and experiences that I want to share about this trip, but it is going to take me a few days to even begin to put that all together properly. So for now I will begin with telling you what happened at the end of my trip, when I returned home. Last night I drove back from the airport and there was a box waiting for me. Inside the box was a VERY generous gift from an incredibly supportive site owner who I had met during of my previous las

The End of an Era: Goodbye Fun Junction

It's nearly 1:00 in the morning in Montana right now as I am writing this (we'll get into what I'm doing in Montana in another post). I don't think I'll be sleeping any more tonight because I just read that FJ has closed and am truly beside myself! I was just there on Saturday! Nobody said a word. Is it possible it was so sudden that they didn't know? I'm just speechless. I don't know what it was that made me snap the photo of the entrance that night (the one in my last post), but I'm so glad I did. I wish I took more. It's like in the back of my mind I knew there would eventu

Nostalgia in the Air

The night before a holiday is always a little hit or miss. I decided to go to my local Force center first because if a partners tournament actually happens in three weeks (because I fall for that every time!) I want to be as practiced as possible. However, there was nobody there. I waited a bit, chatted and eventually played one game with a family group that showed up. However, it was pretty obvious that they were going to have a quiet night. So I called over to FJ, was told they had about eight people there for the all night pass and I switched gears and headed over there instead. As I walked up to the mall entrance I realized that it has been months since I've been here...definitely since

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