Full Day In Florida

There are a couple of stops that were particularly interesting while I was in Florida and I will write about them separately, but outside of that let me give you an idea of how I spent a really enjoyable Saturday in Florida. I had one day to pack in a lot of activity because I was set to fly home on Sunday. So Saturday I woke up early and drove out to Melbourne, FL to start my day at Funtown Family Entertainment Center. It was early in the day and I was not expecting there to be many people at that hour, but I introduced myself to the assistant manager Britney (who had also been at IAAPA this week) and she was great about connecting me with an employee, Monica, to play a quick 1v1 so I could

My Q-Zar Trifecta

Following the closing of IAAPA, that Friday evening I decided to make the drive from Orlando to Tampa. There were several tag sites I wanted to visit in that part of the state, but unfortunately there was a traffic accident on the highway that helped turn this into a three hour trip and with the clock ticking the night away I had to make a choice. I knew I would not be able to get to all the tag locations I wanted, but there was one that was an absolute must...Q-Zar Tampa. The reason Q-Zar Tampa was the most important site for me to visit is because there are so few actual Q-Zar locations left. Now, you may still be able to find the equipment in use here or there, but as far as "main Q-Zar s

From Zone To Dome

My first night out in Orlando following a full day at the IAAPA trade show was a Thursday evening...not the ideal night for tag, but I was intent on finding some anyway. Ultimately a very full day ended with me getting to play some excellent tag with this awesome group celebrating a birthday...Happy Birthday Brandon! However, before we got to this point in the night I started by taking a drive up to Ocoee to visit the Ultrazone that had recently been taken over by new management. If this were a Friday or Saturday evening I'm certain this place would have been packed. It's a good size arena with an upper level overlooking the whole space. However, since it was a Thursday night I knew it would

IAAPA 2018: A Player's Perspective

I recently had the opportunity to attend the 100th anniversary year of the IAAPA Attractions Expo, an major annual conference and trade show of the International Association of Amusement Parks and Attractions. This was a really impressive event and definitely the place to be if you have anything to do with operating a business within the amusement industry. However, I viewed the show from a different perspective because I was not there as a buyer, but rather as a laser tag player and enthusiast I am a potential end user for the new products that were being showcased. So for me this was a chance to get an early look at some of the newest things that will be finding their way into laser tag ar

Qualifying in New Hampshire

On Saturday I finally made my way up north to Tamworth, NH to spend the day getting my qualifying scores for the finals that will be hosted in December at the area's local Cyber Blast arena. This was quite a day...and yes, it was snowing already in the White Lake mountain region where I drove in late October without my snow tires changed over yet! However, snow did not slow me down from accomplishing what I wanted to at this site where I played 13 consecutive games of Cyber Blast, earning my two game minimum average with an eligible score in each of five categories. When I first arrived Bob gave me a tour of the tag site at White Lake Speedway with an arena that at first looks deceptively li

Tilting at Windmills and Spaceships / Call It the IronWoman

On route to New Hampshire I found myself passing through Massachusetts and after working a full day before setting out on this second out of state trip this week I decided it would be good to stop for a break at a mid-point. That's how I found myself at Tilt Studios inside the Solomon Pond Mall in Marlborough, MA. There was a moment of question as to whether I'd be able to play at this Laser Blast site (adorned with a flying saucer coming right out of the wall). It wasn't because of the lack of people there (although I was the only person looking to play laser tag at that moment), but rather because their system was temporarily down. However, upon hearing how much I wanted to get in a game a

A Trimmed Down Tourney in Connecticut

It's taken me a little over a week to catch up after what was a whirlwind four days of practically non-stop driving and tag including a tournament, an Ironman, a qualifier and a league, each taking place in a different state. It began last Thursday with what turned into a trimmed down tournament in Connecticut. I've played at several Spare Time locations before, including this one in Bristol, CT, so when I heard they were hosting their first ever tournament and it would include playing on Rift (which is still my sentimental favorite, thank you FJ) I got on the phone with Jamie to try to get with a team. As of the day before the event there were five teams signed up (not too shabby for a firs

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