Weekend Acquisition

Sometimes players who enjoy a lot of laser tag at a particular arena develop an affinity for a particular pack. I've referred many times to how when I played at Fun Junction I always considered Legend to be "my pack". Of course towards the end when Razz took a liking to that one I let him take it and I transitioned over to Rocket being my new go-to. Strangely though I never felt that connection to any particular pack at my home Force site. But when the opportunity to purchase one of the old Gen 6 packs came up I had to give some thought to which one I would like to claim as my own personal souvenir of the era when I played there prior to their recent upgrade to Gen 8 Infinity packs. Incident

Correcting the Count Before the Countdown

“Erik, you’re right”…these are the words I said during a conversation at IAAPA after I ran out of sensible defense for my argument about what makes a laser tag arena count as new. You may remember a couple of months ago when I reached my 200th arena I posted a list of the arenas and systems that I had played as of that point. This prompted some online discussion with a few other players who also have significantly high arena counts to compare how we all maintain our lists…and there were a variety of different opinions about what should qualify to round out a count. I’ll get into that in a moment, but where this is going is to tell you that my mind has been changed about one specific arena on

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