Look Who's Tagging

Today I launched a new feature on the website called Look Who’s Tagging. Check it out! Here's a sample video... And here's the full feature... Look Who’s Tagging: https://www.tiviachickloveslasertag.com/pics This section will be dedicated to spotlighting people of note who enjoy laser tag. Right now you’ll find some videos featuring celebrities talking about their experiences playing laser tag (including Melissa Joan Hart, Joey Lawrence and Perez Hilton just to name a few) and some pro athletes offering their thoughts about tag and tips for tournaments and competition. Watch for this area to expand soon to include articles and links to tag on tv, tag in the news and more from people you prob

Member of the Month and Views on Memberships

Over the weekend I went out to play some laser tag as usual. I had been playing for almost the entire night before something caught my eye. Apparently this had been flashing right in front of me all evening and, oblivious me, I hadn't actually noticed it until the last fifteen minutes of the night. I didn't even see the whole message at first, just my name blinking on the new LED board. I asked Jared why my name was flashing and he informed me that I was the member of the month. Well...that's a nice surprise! To be perfectly honest I have no idea what that means or how I was chosen, but I was told that it's a new promotion that they are starting and I appreciate that they picked me to start

First Impressions

This is a customer service cautionary tale more so than my typical kind of review, so I won’t be naming any names or posting pics. In fact I held this for awhile before deciding it was worth posting. A new laser tag arena has opened up near me and you may be surprised to hear me say this, but...I'm not exactly in love with it. I'll just tell you why I had a less than favorable first impression and I'll try to make this a constructive criticism because I really do want all laser tag to thrive. I had showed up at this new FEC several weeks ago only to find that, although the rest of the business was open, the laser tag arena had not yet been cleared to open for players. Sigh, but OK, I underst

Talking Tag In The Community

Last night I had the opportunity to speak to a local community group about my favorite topic…laser tag. :) Before I had even arrived I had a really nice surprise. While I was in route I was listening to one of my favorite nationally syndicated radio programs, the Bob and Sheri show, when I was pleasantly startled by my own voice! At the beginning of the third hour (roughly at the 47 minute mark) they had included a pre-recorded plug for Laser Tag Day that I did not expect would be used after the fact, but how nice to hear that it was included on the show anyway! https://omny.fm/shows/bob-sheri/top-signs-youre-in-the-doghouse Shortly thereafter I arrived at the meeting destination. I had been

Lazer X Texas Is My 250th Laser Tag Arena!

Once I realized that I could play my 250th arena in Texas I decided to look for a really special site where that milestone number could happen. The reason I chose Lazer X in Longview, Texas is because of the current rarity of being able to play using their system. Lazer X is one of the last three laser tag centers in the United States where you can still go to play Intersphere and that made this site a MUST for me to visit. As soon as I arrived I was greeted by owner Bill and his wife Cindy. A short time later I met game master Kathy and Bill took me for a tour of the equipment and gave me some history of the business and the Intersphere equipment that they have been using since they opened

Making My Way Across Northeast Texas

The next morning I woke up filled with appreciation for the opportunity I had to celebrate the previous evening at Laser Quest, but there was still plenty more to my Texas trip still ahead of me. A lot of people have been asking me “what are you going to do after you play all 50 states?” Although I haven’t come up with a perfect answer to that question just yet, I do know that I have no intentions of stopping my journey just because I’ve hit that one big milestone. So I figured that, at least in the short term, my next step was to strive to hit a second milestone number while I was still in Texas. I knew that I could end up playing at my 250th laser tag arena that same weekend with a little

International Laser Tag Day 2019: Making Laser Tag History with George Carter III

My journey to play laser tag in all 50 states culminated in such a wonderful time at Laser Quest North Richland Hills, TX on March 28th, International Laser Tag Day! I had been looking forward to playing laser tag in Texas for quite some time, knowing that once I played there I would be the first person to have ever played laser tag in all 50 states, so this one had to be special. I knew it would be when George Carter III, inventor of Photon and founder of the laser tag industry agreed to come out and celebrate with me on the day that also marks the 35th anniversary of when he opened the first Photon laser tag center right here in the Dallas area on March 28, 1984. It seemed most fitting to

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