Intersphere in Addison

Having a chance to play Intersphere is a really special experience because right now there are only three laser tag arenas left in America that are still operating with this system. One of them is Lazer X in Addison, IL and I am so glad I had the opportunity to pay them a visit while I was traveling in the Chicago area this past weekend. When I arrived I introduced myself and Carlos, the game master, was kind enough to show me around the arena. This is a really spacious facility at 6500 square feet with the multi-levels of the arena accessible by ramps along the back wall. There were a few things I recognized as familiar hallmarks of Intersphere, but there were also some really creative elem

Happy 2nd Year Anniversary iCOMBAT Chicago!

Happy 2nd year anniversary iCOMBAT Chicago! It was coincidental that they were running anniversary specials on the same weekend I was already planning to be in Illinois, but once I realized this I knew I would definitely make a point to stop in and play some tactical laser tag at this location in Schiller Park, IL. I had a great time playing with this awesome group of guys who came out to enjoy some laser tag as well. When I arrived at the site I was greeted by the manager, Mike, who was kind enough to give me a tour of this impressive facility that houses two double level arenas themed to really immerse you in an atmosphere while the game is going on. Our first stop was to the briefing room

My Next Goal…Or Should I Say My Next “Quest”

Ever since I got back from Texas people have been asking me “what’s next?” I’ve very recently figured out the answer to that question. My next laser tag goal will be to play in all the remaining Laser Quest centers in America (maybe I’ll add Canada down the road), so I went to Illinois this weekend to play at Norridge, Rockford and Downers Grove. I’ll only have seven more in the U.S. left to go after that. To clarify, I certainly haven’t been to every LQ site that there ever was or even as many as I could have if I had this goal at another point in time, but looking at the current active site list I have already been to quite a few locations and I would love to play at all the rest in Americ

Mom Learns to Laser Tag

You can probably tell from the way I'm dressed that this was an impromptu visit to play laser tag at Zero Gravity. I took my mother into Albany for an event and thought that this was a perfect opportunity to introduce her to the game. Yep, we played laser tag like this, cute polka dot dress and all. Now, she has a vague notion of what I do. She is supportive and wears the wristband (and maybe reads this blog now and again), but she really didn't have any real idea what it was all about. When we entered the vesting room it was all completely new to her. Fortunately, we arrived late enough in the evening to get a private game and she was able to learn at her own pace. Mom got an equipment tuto

"Wilsoning" According to Al (aka Richard Karn)

It's interesting how laser tag terminology evolves. There are unusual terms used in many systems, but today I want to talk about a term used in Laser Storm called "Wilsoning". What this means is to peek over a wall while keeping your headset sensors low and behind cover with only your eyes and the top of your head visible over the barrier. Originally this was called "Webbing" named after a player, Mike Webb, who first started using this tactic while playing in Michigan. This concept is rather unique to Laser Storm because (credit Logan for this explanation)... "in standard Laser Storm our arenas are traditionally made from movable plastic walls hanging from a grid to divide the arena. From t

Leon Loves RePlay Magazine Too!

Even my gecko Leon is enjoying this month’s issue of RePlay Magazine! I want to thank them for including this item titled “Laser Tag Celebrated” along with a write-up about my tag in Texas on the 35th anniversary of laser tag and a photo of me with George Carter III. It was very cool to see this printed in a national industry publication, especially considering the May 2019 issue also features some excellent coverage of the Amusement Expo with which the Laser Tag Convention was co-located this year in Las Vegas. I thoroughly enjoyed reading it and seeing some great pictures, especially several pics of familiar faces in the laser tag industry. It is ironic that this magazine arrived today inc

Unexpected Surprises

Advertising works, my friends, advertising works. I don't say that just because it's my business, but it’s the reason I have this story to share, so here's an anecdotal example of how I know it to be true. While driving north on route 75 heading through Fort Myers towards the Sarasota airport again (the less obvious route home from Miami, lol) I noticed a billboard that said "HeadPinz...more than just bowling. Laser Tag. Next exit." Well, I just about flew across several lanes of traffic to get over to the exit for this! It was an unexpected surprise because even though of course I had done a search online for laser tag along my route, it didn't look like there was much opportunity for tag u

Because Perez Says...

If you checked out "Look Who's Tagging" (a new feature on my website) then you probably saw the video where Perez Hilton shouts out his recent laser tag experience saying "We just played it a week and a half ago in Miami at this venue in Wynwood called Fun Dimension". This is not why I chose Miami, but once I heard this I knew that visiting Fun Dimension in Wynwood, FL was an absolute must. You know, because Perez says so. I must say I had some reservations about this place upon arrival as it appears to be in a part of town where there is more tagging happening with paint than with lasers. However, the small 1v1 game we played early in the day in the arena was enjoyable. After checking in an

Sunrise, Sunset...aka Miami-ish

This past weekend in Miami was not intended to be a tag trip...but who's kidding who, every trip is, right? Tag is life! The trip was also not intended to detour to the airport in Sarasota, but whenever I travel I just roll with things and this change in plans meant getting to visit Laser Quest in Sunrise, FL a little ways outside of Miami was unexpectedly added to the agenda, so everything worked out pretty well after all! This turned out to be the start of a really fun night. Not just because I got to play some LQ, but because this site showed us all a really great time! We got into a game right away and I explored the maze. Honestly, I don't remember anything particularly distinctive abou

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