One, Two, Three Doors Down The Road

The weather has been beautiful lately and that was part of why I decided to make a trip to Lake George area to laser tag. In this touristy area I figured it would give a boost to the three laser tag arenas in town, which are all happen to be located on the same road (route 9) pretty much just one, two and three doors down from each other. I decided it would be interesting to mix things up a bit. So I decided that I'd play at all three arenas, beginning with my favorite, Adventure Family Fun. I was glad to start the night with an intense round against my sparring partner Tyler. This arena is big enough to be interesting and small enough that you can have good quality small games. And I needed

The Most Ridiculous Thing Ever

Let me tell you a story that is so absurd that I genuinely don’t know whether to laugh at how ridiculous this is or be absolutely furious…I guess I’m choosing to laugh because there’s no other decent way to respond. In one of the social media groups I follow I noticed a guy (with whom I have a few mutual acquaintances) had posted that he had some laser tag packs for sale. I told him I was interested, gave him my email and asked what he had and what price he was asking. He’s got a couple of Q-Zar packs and a couple of modified Zone packs (I know what he means by modified because based on the description I have played at the site where they came from). He emails me, not answering my question a

Laser Quest Nashville

You might wonder how a trip to Spokane can suddenly morph into a trip to Nashville. Well, ultimately I am working on my goal to play in all the Laser Quest sites currently active in the US, and I actually just made the decision that I’m going to get to all the sites I have yet to play in Canada too. Working from the list on their website there were only seven US locations I still had to play. One was LQ Spokane (which is why I was headed there in the first place) and another was LQ Nashville. When flexible flying necessitates you roll with the punches and I saw that I couldn’t easily get to Washington, but I could get to and from Tennessee I just decided Spokane could wait for my next trip.

Feels Like Home

Earlier in the evening I had made my way down to Phazer Kraze in Murfreesboro and this was a really great arena for a few particularly distinctive reasons. This was the eighth arena I’d played this trip and my sixth today, but out of all those other places this was the first stand-alone laser tag arena that wasn’t tied in with an FEC or bowling alley. Not that there’s anything wrong with those other locations, but to me there is something really special about sites where laser tag is still the first and foremost focus of the business and that’s exactly what I found here. I mean, it’s right there in the name! I met the owner, Martin, prior to seeing the arena. He told me about some great idea

Return to Hendersonville

I’m sharing a few of these stories out of order because I had to play the sites a bit out of order too. Because Holder Family Fun Center/Adventure Alley was closed for a private event while I was in town I had to make my way down to Murfreesboro first and then drive back an hour to return to Hendersonville to play at this site. By the time I arrived things had slowed down and the corporate group they were hosting had left. I told the game master that I was in a hurry because I now found myself pressed for time to get back to Nashville, so he took me in for a quick round of CyberBlast so that I’d be able to check out the arena. This must just be my weekend for Tron tubes and classic CW aesthe

What’s Unusual Here?

As I mentioned before, I unexpectedly found myself flying to Nashville instead of Spokane, which meant a total 180 for my tag plans, but it turned out to be wonderful…and with a few other unusual twists! Starting with my first stop, just a short ways outside of Nashville at Southern Lanes in Bowling Green, KY. Do you see what’s unusual here? The most interesting thing I noticed immediately about this arena is that they are using Zone Helios gear in a Tron arena. Whenever I see this I am probably more fascinated than I should be by the juxtaposition of these two brands, but it just strikes me as unusual to see the elements of these two systems colliding. I assume that at one point this was a

Stop Over in Charlotte

You really never know where life will take you! This past weekend my plan was to fly across the country and be tagging at a few sites around Spokane, Washington. However, I unexpectedly found myself spending an awesome weekend in Nashville instead! More on that later, but in order to get anywhere I first had to get myself to a hub airport, which is how I ended up with a one night stop over in Charlotte, NC where my weekend adventure began. I took an afternoon flight after work and got to Charlotte around 6:00 on Friday evening and immediately headed for Sports Connection (Ballantyne) where I met the activities manager, Becca, who helped facilitate a great start to my tag trip. They did not h

Crazy from the Heat

Sigh, It’s raining again… However, over this past weekend it was beautiful! We FINALLY got a really nice weather weekend in New York and the temperatures were actually starting to feel like summer. I’m sure I’m not the only one who was a little crazy from this heat, but I certainly came up with a few things that were crazy to do considering the heat! Starting with this… The mobile laser tag unit was out at one of our local community festivals this weekend and since I was already there doing the parade you know I had to stop by. Instead of hanging out for the entire afternoon I just opted to get in one game for good measure. If you think it’s hot outside the mobile arena you should feel it in

Tourney in Poughkeepsie

When I heard about a laser tag tournament happening at Spins Bowl in (relatively) nearby Poughkeepsie my first thought was that this would be fun and I wouldn’t even have to leave the state! When I learned that this site runs Lasertron my next thought was that this could serve as good practice time since the Armageddon tournament is only a month away and it’s been, well…let’s just say “awhile” since I’ve played any tournament Tron. So I messaged my Armageddon teammates (several of whom are predominantly Tron players) to join me, but Poughkeepsie wasn’t conveniently located enough for the others, so instead I just registered solo with the understanding that I would be matched up with an eight

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