Laser Trooper and the Latest Data

While I was in Kansas I looked forward to the opportunity to visit with my friends Miranda and Elaine and also return to play some tag with them at Laser Trooper in Topeka. At Laser Trooper Kip and his staff operate using a LaserMaxx product line that can only be played in a few select locations and the last time I was here I enjoyed trying this system out in their arena in the West Ridge Mall. Since then they have moved their arena…and yet, they are still in the West Ridge Mall, now on the downstairs level. We arrived on a quiet day so Miranda and I had the whole arena to ourselves for a 1v1 game (Elaine sat this one out). With this system there is no need to “suit up” as the entire game is

My 300th Laser Tag Arena

This weekend something special happened...I played my 300th laser tag arena at Laser Quest Wichita! This visit to Kansas also allowed me to count Wichita as my final LQ in America. As of now (unless any more should happen to open) I have played every currently active Laser Quest location in the United States. And this was the perfect way to complete that journey. My day began with a 3:00 am wake-up (as most of my tag trips do) and it was early afternoon when I arrived in Wichita and was greeted by manager Nate who hooked me up with some tag swag and most importantly...the proof! I told him I wanted to play a couple of games right then and afterwards I planned to travel two hours north to vis

RVA Solo

The RVA Solo tournament held at LQ Richmond was actually my very first Laser Quest tournament. I looked forward to seeing what this experience would bring and I’m really pleased to say I met some great people and had a wonderful time. Playing at this site gets me a step closer to a hitting a significant milestone when I play my next arena, but at this point I was simply appreciating the how impressive the arena in front of me was and looking forward to the rest of the night. This LQ was built on another former Ultrazone site and is also very distinctive as a result. I walked around taking in the full scope of the maze even though the tournament would only be played on the ground level. I ask

Tagging Before the Tourney

Even though we were going to be playing laser tag all night long in the competition, a few of us decided to play some Helios Pro at Launch Richmond before the tournament began. I met up with Travis, Eric and Gambit and we took some time for a warm-up game in a small, but nicely done two-level arena. This is the third Launch location I have played and I liked the layout of this arena with long wraparound ramps on each side leading to the upper level and a lot of extra targets all throughout. The base housings were quite open, so defending from above was easy. We all destroyed the bases fairly quickly, so from there it was just a two on two team game, but it’s always much more enjoyable to pla

It’s Tagtime!

It must be time for more tag since my next stop was at a place called Tagtime! I drove about an hour north into Newport News to pay a visit to Tagtime Tactical Laser Tag and join in the next hour-long session using their Adventure Sports HQ gear. Upon my arrival I met the owner, Brad, who told me they do a lot of outdoor mobile business and had intended to build an outdoor arena when the opportunity presented to build this 10,000 square foot urban battlefield to add more entertainment options within the plaza where they are located. Laser tag sessions start on the hour and several game formats are played within each session. I got a look around the space between games. There are several “roo

Flipping Out Over Flipper McCoy's

I headed down toward the beach to a little tourist stop arcade called Flipper McCoy’s. All I knew about this place was that they had a Delta Strike system, so I walked in and went up to the counter looking to get into a game. The employee behind the counter was a little…low-key (ok, so no flipping out there exactly). But since there was nobody else playing tag he agreed to do a 1v1 with me in what they describe as their interactive laser tag arena. There is an unusual lack of flow to this arena, but an abundance of extra elements. It’s a single level space with a backwards L shape and a familiar theme, but what really makes this arena unique are the added targets. There are three interactive

Beautiful Day and Beautiful Arena in Virginia Beach

The RVA Solo event in Richmond, VA was the catalyst to my making another trip this past weekend, however this really just gave me an additional reason to do what I probably would have done anyway. Truthfully, I was planning to make a trip to this region regardless so that I could visit two LQ locations in reasonably close proximity to each other. So I used this tournament as a great excuse and first drove down to Virginia Beach and then decided to tag my way back up to Richmond for the events later that night. What a beautiful day for a drive down to the beach! My first stop as I made my way into southeast Virginia was to Laser Quest Virginia Beach, a location that is only a couple of blocks

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