An Interview with Jim Kessler, CEO and Founder of LASERTRON

I want to thank Jim Kessler, CEO and Founder of LASERTRON for taking the time for an interview with me. I hope you enjoy this as the first installment of the Industry Leader Interviews in the Oral History of Laser Tag for the Laser Tag Museum. Watch the video here... New interviews will be added monthly so keep checking back at for more great stories about the early days of laser tag! Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

“Green Team, DON’T Score!!!”

It was about 20 seconds before the end of our second game on league finals night when across the arena we heard Beanz bellowing “Green Team, DON’T SCORE!!!” And here’s why... We WANTED to take second place that game. Not third, but definitely not first. Because if we took first we’d be challenging the front runner teams earlier in the night than we would want to and if we took third we’d be eliminated early. Our first game we lost by a hair (or more accurately, a missile). We would have been fine if we had gotten just one more missile off...which Beanz actually had! He had the lock on tone in the final second, but the clock ran out. Sigh. But we were still in it at this point and just had to

The Hills are Alive...with the Sound of Lasers

It was recently suggested to me that a review of my favorite game formats for each system might make for an interesting article. I wholeheartedly agree! However, to be fair there are some systems on which I have played a wide variety of special game formats and then there are others where I’ve only had the opportunity (so far) to play the basic standard games. An example of the latter is Lasertron. Most places I have played use primarily the standard team or free for all solo formats and little else, even though the system has much greater capabilities. So I decided that to rectify this and broaden my horizons by trying out some different games it would be worth detouring over to the home La

Sharp Shooting at Sharp Shooters

It was a cold and snowy evening…well, actually it wasn’t. However, there was an impending snowstorm expected to hit the following day. I was scheduled to run audio for a pageant competition this weekend and the director asked me to drive out to Corning a night early because he worried if I waited until Saturday that the snow might prevent me from getting there at all. So that’s how it is that I found myself unexpectedly passing through Auburn, NY with some extra time on my hands on a Friday night. I searched for laser tag in the area and found an opportunity to play using Adventure Sports HQ tactical taggers at Adventure Zone Bounce, Tag and play at Sharp Shooters. Upon my arrival I met the

Retirement (Not for me…for my hat)

I’ve worn my Photon hat into over 300 laser tag arenas and it has been one of my most loved conversation pieces (whenever I run into a Photon player it sparks discussion), but last night I had to admit that it has gotten worn out to the point where it deserves to be retired. RIP Photon hat. No worries though, I have a back-up. Thank you, Jim! :) I’ve jokingly said a few times over the years that maybe all my laser tag ability is in that hat. Well, I wore my new hat to league last night instead and now I am starting to think that I might have been right! (SMH) I had one of my worst performance nights of tag playing in a while and, while I’m not seriously blaming that on the new hat, I just ca

Launching the Oral History of Laser Tag Video Series

After months of planning, a few significant days of filming and hours upon hours of footage and editing I am pleased to announce the launch of the Oral History of Laser Tag video series that I am producing for the Laser Tag Museum. This first video is just the tip of the iceberg, but features thoughts from many of the founders and key players in the laser tag industry who you will hear more from in upcoming videos that will be released each month. See it here... Future videos will include compilations themed around laser tag related topics as well as longer interviews with

Player Perspectives on Laserforce’s New Game, Redline

When new laser tag game formats are released it is always great fun to get together with friends and try them out. I recently had the chance to play a couple of games with a group of players that really enjoyed taking on some new challenges, especially while playing one of the latest Laserforce games called Redline. This is a single hit game where it takes nine shots to destroy a base or beacon. For the first eight shots you gain 100 points, but on the ninth shot (for whomever happens to be the one to hit it) you lose 999 points and you can no longer target that base for the remainder of the game. So, the goal is to get the most points on the first eight shots without actually destroying the

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