Final Episode of Chicagoland Grand Scrim Laser Tag Audio Drama

It’s time to find out which team will win the tournament! If you’ve been following this series and want to find out how the Chicagoland Grand Scrim turns out then please enjoy episode four, the final episode and conclusion of this laser tag audio drama production… I’ve been delighted to voice the part of color commentator Renee Roccasalva and thank the author/creator of the series Daniel Leach (aka MamaHydra) and Tiana Daniels for being so great to work with. Also, shout out to Anagram Sound for the excellent audio production work! Comments or Questions? Contact: Websites: and

“Ladies Do It Better” Win at LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad Tournament

The first ever LASERTRON Battle Royale Squad Adult 18+ Tournament Event was recently held at LASERTRON Buffalo. The winning squad called “Ladies Do It Better” certainly did live up to their name by taking the win as well as a nice share of the $1000 in total prize money awarded at the event. Team members Emily “Shadowdragon” Faltisco, Sheila “Mooncalfe” Heinrich, Janine “Sixtoes” Nayda and Brooke “Butterlamb1” Kress were the players comprising this all-female team, which is notable not just for their achievement in the arena, but also for the fact that they may have made a bit of history in the process. Over the past few days I’ve been reaching out to the laser tag community across various s

Direct from the Source: Laser Quest President, Jeff Morris

This past week there has been a great deal of speculation among the laser tag community about the future of Laser Quest (Versent Corporation) and their centers in North America. I believe it’s best to get the facts directly from the source, which is why I reached out to Jeff Morris, president of Laser Quest. Here is what he had to say... “We will not be selling equipment to the general population. There are a number of groups of people who are looking to take on various centers. The negotiations are often not with us, but rather with the landlords, so the delay is that they are dealing with the landlords. Groups are looking at centers in both Canada and the U.S. Laser Quest is not

Saying Goodbye

Update: I have confirmed this with my own eyes and with a former staff member. Goodbye Zero Gravity. This has been a VERY hard week. Although I’m not going to peel back every layer of the onion regarding what’s been happening, I am going to share the one part of it all that I think is probably relatable to a lot of laser tag players right now who are unable to play because either their local arenas are temporarily closed or…(sigh) permanently closed. I didn’t write about this immediately because it’s tough to know what is really “permanent” in the middle of all this uncertainty, but from all indicators and according to what I see on Google it appears that my home Zone arena, Zero Gravity, ha

Tiviachick’s Top Ten Laser Tag Arena Contest – Vote Now!

Join me in recognizing some amazing laser tag arenas with a fun contest to showcase a few really impressive locations! Please cast your vote! “Tiviachick’s Top Ten” laser tag arenas are all locations where I have personally played and each was selected for being particularly impressive in their respective category. To see which arenas were chosen and cast your vote please go to our contest page here: You can also view photos of each of the top arenas to help you pick your favorite! There is an opportunity for ANY laser tag to be chosen as our People’s Choice favorite. Just type your vote on the ballot for your favorite laser

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