Want To Host Tiviachick's Next

Tag 4 A Cause Laser Tag 5K Challenge

in YOUR Laser Tag Arena?

I am looking for laser tag arenas that would like to be part of future laser tag 5K challenges by becoming a featured sponsor arena and hosting me during an upcoming Tag 4 A Cause event.


Want to be a featured sponsor arena and be spotlighted while helping  me to support a worthwhile cause? Here's how...and it's FREE!


The only thing I need in order to keep my pledge to tag 5K is a laser tag arena where I can have access to enough games to get to my goal (approximately 10-15 games of laser tag). For me this will be a marathon-style challenge that I will aim to complete in a single day. To accomplish this, I will make arrangements with a different laser tag arena for each month that a challenge takes place to come out and to play the games on a specific day and I will spotlight that arena on the TiviachickLovesLaserTag.com website. This is an easy way for your business to help out and get some good publicity in the process. If you are interested in becoming a featured sponsor arena please let me know if you would be willing to provide the following:


  • Complimentary access for one player (me) to as many games as necessary for me to complete the 5K goal in your arena.

  • A staff member or other volunteer to be available to play against me and keep the games going during any time when public players are not present (meaning if you have any size group of customers show up I will happily play with my games with them, but if there happens to be a quiet window of time where no customers are available I will still need someone there who is willing to play a one on one game against me in order to complete the challenge).

  • OPTIONAL: It would be great (but not absolutely required) if you would like to make an additional donation to the cause on behalf of your business. Perhaps you could offer a special admission price for a select window of time and have a portion of your laser tag proceeds go towards the charity. We can be creative, but this is an opportunity to help a great cause while encouraging customers to come out and play laser tag...that's a win-win!


When you become a featured sponsor arena I will provide you with the following in return:


  • Your business logo featured on the TiviachickLovesLaserTag.com website on the event page for the entire month

  • A link to your website or Facebook page prominently featured under your logo

  • A photo op including the arena owner and/or staff members holding a sign with Tivia to show the world how your laser tag arena helped to make a difference!

The nitty-gritty for arenas: Obviously there are currently some travel limitations to consider in planning the logistics for this kind of event. Right now I am only able to consider going to laser tag arenas in the northeast part of the U.S. in states where travel is permitted by both states without additional guidelines or travel restrictions. At some point when travel to other parts of the country is feasible, I will be able to consider arenas in other locations as well. However, while we are still in a time that requires some extra caution, I believe that safety and common sense have to dictate all decisions on both parts. If we set a date and for any reason I am unable to visit your arena on the originally planned date I will do my best to reschedule when it is safe and reasonable to do so. If your arena is located in another part of the country please drop me a note and perhaps we can make a plan to make you a featured sponsor arena at some point in the future. I'd love to hear from you if you are interested, wherever your laser tag arena happens to be!

Contact me at Tivia@tiviachickloveslasertag.com to discuss the ways to get involved.

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