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In the Arena


The arena is where the laser tag game is played. I love to play in arenas with multiple levels and raised areas for targeting from above. Here I am making my way towards an upper deck to get a better vantage point.


To score points you target the lights on an opponent’s vest with the beam from your phaser. This is accomplished while maneuvering through a maze of obstacles and hiding places while other players are simultaneously trying to target their aim on you.


In addition to scoring points by tagging other players you can often get a lot of points quickly by shooting the base. Several shots may be needed to accomplish this.




Briefing Room


Before you enter the laser tag arena, usually the first area you will go through is the briefing room. This is a mostly empty space, often with risers and plenty of room for players to sit. Teams can be determined here and anyone who is new to the arena will get an overview of how the game works. It’s a place where the game master will go over rules and answer questions before you enter the next area, the vesting room.

Vesting Room


In the vesting room you will get your pick of…you guessed it…the vests. This is where you select your pack and phaser and get ready before entering the arena. Here you can see a few rows of vests. Now it’s time to enter the laser tag arena.

Dressed for Success

Tips for what to wear while playing:


Dark apparel: A black shirt and dark jeans are less conspicuous than bright colors, especially if the arena has black lights. Clothes should be comfortable and allow for easy movement.


Sneakers: Although running is not permitted in many arenas you will still want shoes with good traction for when maneuvering quickly.


Hair: Tied or pulled back in a baseball cap gets long hair out of the way and keeps your field of vision unobstructed.


Pocket Wallet: Keep personal items to a minimum, but for things you need to keep with you consider a pocket wallet that will hold your money, cell phone and keys securely in one place.

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