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Tivia Plays Laser Blast

Founded by Tim Ewald in 1997, Laser Blast remains a family company with Tim’s son Mike Ewald serving as President. Several classic versions including FunBlast, HyperBlast and ZetaBlast have made way for the newest CyberBlast version which includes the photons and shields familiar to the previous generations, but with a magnetic buckle and vertically placed vest sensors this system has a variety of unique elements. A selfie camera can personalize the experience, but aiming at projection targets really adds something special!

This laser tag is always a Laser Blast...

There is plenty of fun to be had playing Laser Blast. I am partial to CyberBlast and love the strategic way you need to be smart about utilizing the features. Angularly domed bases have a cool aesthetic, but hearing the pack audibly reinforce when you make a “great shot” is one of my favorite features.

Cyber Quest.jpg
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