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Tivia Plays Laser Storm

Laser Storm developed as an evolution of some early prototypes acquired by former CEO Bob Cooney and co-founder Ed Bonis, becoming a unique system of laser tag involving a headset and unusually shaped phaser called a disruptor, which tags with a clicking button on top rather than a typical trigger-style. Another unique element is the divided arena where you are never playing on the same side of the barrier as your opponent! The system is currently active as the result of the intellectual property being transferred to another company, later sold as Laser Wars Inc., and it has kept going under new ownership through the dedication of co-owners Gord Armstrong and Bill McChesney.

Laser Storm is a completely unique form of laser tag!

I have to say, having only played Laser Storm in limited locations, mostly during tournaments, it took some time for me to develop a proper appreciation for Laser Storm. It's incredibly unique among the laser tag systems out there. Rather than targeting lights on a chest pack you take aim at a headset worn by the opposing players. The phaser does not shoot like a gun, but rather clicks like a remote control. This is a really distinctive form of laser tag because of these elements.

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