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Tivia Plays Q-Zar

Orange and green plastic battle vests surrounding the embedded sensors make Q-Zar easily identifiable and unique. It is permissible to cover your sensors (often with quick movements and contorted arm positioning) to guard against an opponent’s tag and bases are both a visual and audible spectacle in a Q-Zar arena!

Q-Zar is like going into battle...

Perhaps I feel this way because my limited opportunities to play have mostly been in tournaments...or because the pack has an armor-like quality...or because it requires you to strike out into the arena and return to re-energize before too long. Whatever the reason, I think Q-Zar is a truly unique experience. If holding your phaser doesn't hurt you're probably not doing it right. And if you are lucky, you might just get to play some Q-Zar in a parking lot. :)

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