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Tivia Plays Lazer Runner

Fiber optic panels on Lazer Runner vests make them a little different from other laser tag options. Some versions of this system feature a phaser that might remind you of a price scanner but newer versions of the gear offer a substantial feeling transparent phaser with a rubber coating that lifts this system up and makes it feel like a new level of gameplay.

Lazer Runner is Legend-(wait for it)-dary

This game can be a good time, but I generally tend to think of it as a lighter form of laser tag...or at least that's how many of my experiences with it have been. It has proven to be an enjoyable time whenever I've played. I do kind of like the unusually shaped phaser, which was featured in "How I Met Your Mother." However, I really like the new generation phaser design!

Runner v4 cropped.jpg
with base.jpg
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