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EXO Laser Tag is a system founded by Petr Putkoff in Russia. The equipment includes a pack and attached phaser made with crystal clear plastics and sensors all around the phaser with a selection button on the left side and a bright digital screen on the back. The packs utilize lithium ion batteries and can sustain a long life between charges. EXO has 15 game formats to play and the phasers can display six team colors.

Experiencing EXO…

I was delighted to have a chance to play EXO laser tag when founder Petr Putkoff and I were both able to play with a distinguished group at their LaserLand arena in West Covina, CA at that time (2021) this was the only site in the U.S. operating with EXO. It was wonderful to hear about the system directly from its founder who is also well known in the laser tag community for his “Go Lasertag” YouTube channel.

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