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Laser Trooper by LaserMaxx

LaserTrooper by LaserMaxx is a vestless laser tag system without a head sensor that features a rifle-style phaser, which can be used as an outdoor or mobile laser tag or experienced indoors at LaserTrooper Laser Tag in Topeka, KS. It is a unique hybrid of tactical and traditional laser tag in a compact case since the only piece of equipment used on the field is the phaser itself. This unit includes sensors on the barrel and a speaker on the stock at the back.

Trooper in Topeka…

I have enjoyed visits to Laser Trooper Laser Tag in Topeka, KS, which (as of this writing) is the only indoor U.S. location to operate with this system. It is lightweight and a scope can help with targeting accuracy. I have a tendency to hold this phaser forward a bit to better hear the feedback from the speaker.

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