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Actual Reality

Actual Reality was founded by Martin Shoebridge and Tim Dallyn in 1993. I thank Martin Shoebridge for his written account of the development of this and other systems included in the post below.

Actually Playing Actual Reality... 

I had a unique opportunity to play on the Actuality Reality laser tag system. In fact, I played at what I am told is the very last center in the world (literally) to still operate with these packs. The company behind this equipment ceased operating 15 years ago. I am happy just to say that I got the opportunity to play at all using such a rare piece of laser tag history. Some additional history about this system. My thanks to Martin Shoebridge for the photos included in the blog article and Travis Durrer for the photos of Actual Reality from his personal collection.

Photos of packs


Interview with Martin Shoebridge Nov '17 | tiviachicklovestag (

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