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Tivia Plays Zone

Founded by Pat Holmes, Frank Stace and Kate Holmes, Zone originated with Phasor Strike in 1987 and has evolved since 1989 as Zone Laser Tag. From early prototypes and Version 3 packs up through the Infusion, Nexus and now Helios Pro generations Zone provides a wide variety of game formats, but is well known for the “stun-stun-deactivation” sequence that adds a unique element as players reload and try to crack bases. When you attempt to tag a base you want to be sure you can complete a sequence of three shots to avoid being denied and potentially losing points instead of gaining them!

The first laser tag I ever played was Zone...

Zone Infusion was my first laser tag experience. I played quite a bit when I was in my twenties and spent many hours in the arena becoming skillful with the phaser and targeting the bases and my opponents. Today I enjoy playing everything from Nexus to Helios Pro and Helios 2, often with new video bases. I still love Infusion because there is something really special about your first system, but these days Helios 2 is the version I look forward to playing wherever I can.

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