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Tivia Plays Laserforce

Laserforce is the only current laser tag system to utilize reverse IR, so it feels unique to play and is very versatile with a growing assortment of game formats. Founded by Len and Allan Kelly, Laserforce Gen 8 uses distinctive lighting effects on the packs, also distinguished by a large digital screen on the front chest of the pack that includes a two-handed coated phaser design.

May the Laserforce be with you...

Laserforce is cool for many reasons and the reverse IR makes this system the closest current laser tag system to Photon. The tournament format of Space Marines 5 is more complex than many other games and is especially dependent on team communication. Gen 8 is has some impressive features and it's a really enjoyable system to play, but one of my favorite thing is on a personal note…they recently added a Tivia avatar (officially known as “Valkyrie”) to a Gen 8 update unveiled at IAAPA 2021.

Avatar readyWTcropped.jpg
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