My love of laser tag began with Photon...


Although I never had the opportunity to play any original Photon in the eighties (I was too young at the time and there was no Photon center nearby anyway) I always felt there was something very special about Photon. My first introduction to the concept of laser tag came from watching the Photon television series as a young girl. I became fascinated with the history of the original laser sport online. However, it wasn't until 2014 that I had the chance to play the Photon game for the first time at the 30th anniversary celebration held at XP Lasersport in Laurel, Maryland where original packs and equipment were restored to give everyone an authentic and nostalgic experience. For all the laser tag I have played before and since I must admit I proved to be pretty lousy at Photon! That's ok, it doesn't matter because I will always love it. Photon is still the granddaddy of all laser tag, the game that paved the way for every other laser tag game that I love to play today and being there to celebrate it and actually play Photon has left me with wonderful memories and an even greater appreciation for the game. The light still shines!



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