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iCOMBAT owner and president Rick Jensen developed a realistic look and feel for this tactical laser tag system. Universal Electronics, Inc. began manufacturing their laser tag under the name Predator Games, which later merged into today’s iCOMBAT brand. Products have ranged from the Barracuda that attaches directly onto a paintball marker, to the tactical ir line replicating real weapons (which have been used to assist with law enforcement training) to the Hero Blast non-gun gear suited for kids or their more traditional Invictus and Valkyrie laser tag equipment.

iCombat...Much More Than a Tactical Game 

After visiting the iCombat headquarters in Waukesha, WI I realized that they had so much more to offer than I realized from my brief experiences playing with the Barracuda (an electronic adaptor that can turn a paintball marker into a laser tag game) and more recently playing with their irM4. Beyond having a wide range of tactical games available, I am impressed with how they are making strides towards bridging the gap between tactical and traditional laser tag.

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