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LASERTRON has a distinctive look, both for their LT series of equipment and their dynamic arenas. A young Jim Kessler founded the company, which is a manufacturer of coordinated equipment and arenas, often featuring large arches that function a base and reload stations and in newer versions as sectors that open up more game styles including Battle Royale. From “shields up/down” to a wide spectrum of team games, this system requires strategy and when shots or energy are depleted players may find themselves frequently moving from one end of an arena to another in order to reload or defend their base.

Lasertron is a whole other animal...

I have had the chance to play Lasertron in many locations including at a really impressive arena in its first home location (Buffalo) in Amherst, NY and its corporate showpiece location (Rochester) in Henrietta, NY. The Buffalo Lasertron is the oldest continually running laser tag facility in the United States and it boasts a 9,200 square foot multi-level arena. A half an hour session of game play is an endurance test even when broken into four smaller games, but the reloads, drawn out process of deactivating an opponent and the unlimited base shots make this game very unique.

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