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The Zeta Answer

When I wrote about my recent laser tag experiences in Canada I invited anyone reading to clarify for me the differences between Hyper Blast and Zeta Blast. Well, I am appreciative of this reply that I received in my email this morning... Dear Tivia, I was the game master when you came to play at Area 51 Laser Tag. You asked what made zetablast better and I was not sure. Since then I discussed it with my boss and he told me the software allows us to customize our games. Because of zetablast we are able to do custom games such as Eliminate VIP, Search and Destroy, Capture the Flag, and the stealth match. It allows us to have complete control over how the game plays and allows us to create our own custom games very easily. Thanks again for visiting our arena. We all loved the article you wrote about us. Daniel, thanks for getting back to me with an answer. We had a great time and I certainly hope to visit Area 51 Laser Tag again!

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