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New Addition Brings Back Memories

I have had a VERY interesting week so far and look forward to seeing what happens next. Right now let me share something I’m excited to add to my collection.

This classic Laser Blast pack was obtained from an FEC in the Missouri area. Since I played there during one of my more recent travels (relatively speaking) and they had a newer version of this system I presume this is one of the many packs they had left over after they upgraded.

I’m always appreciative when packs become available for me to add to my personal collection. Some have been gifts and others I have sought out. They not only represent moments in time for the laser tag industry, but for me personally I love to look at them fondly and remember all the great experiences I’ve had playing on the various systems. No matter how or where it came from, they remind me of wonderful memories along the journey. This one will not only remind me of the particular FEC that it came from, but also other times I have played Laser Blast using packs just like it. For example, the time I played Blast in New Jersey while killing time before attending the Miss NY pageant and I showed up at the arena in a full-length skirt and dress shoes (yep, still played!) …or the time I visited a second-floor roller-skating arena and they pulled the packs out of a closet while we got briefing up on a balcony overlooking the mall…or the awesome time I had with my friends up in Canada playing in stealth mode for the very first time with Garth shrieking every time I tagged him! These are a few of the memories I have from using this very same kind of pack at many of the laser tag arenas I have been to. Now I’m glad to add it to my “little museum” private collection of packs that always make me smile when I think about the times that I’ve had playing on so many different laser tag systems. I’m one lucky lady!

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