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Tiviachick’s Top Ten Laser Tag Arena Contest – Vote Now!

Join me in recognizing some amazing laser tag arenas with a fun contest to showcase a few really impressive locations! Please cast your vote!

“Tiviachick’s Top Ten” laser tag arenas are all locations where I have personally played and each was selected for being particularly impressive in their respective category. To see which arenas were chosen and cast your vote please go to our contest page here:

You can also view photos of each of the top arenas to help you pick your favorite!

There is an opportunity for ANY laser tag to be chosen as our People’s Choice favorite. Just type your vote on the ballot for your favorite laser tag arena. The People’s Choice favorite will be the arena which receives the most write-in votes. Contest runs 8/1-8/31/20. Votes will be accepted by entry form located at with one vote for each category and limited to one vote per email address.

Please feel free to share this to build excitement and participation. Keep in mind, this is JUST FOR FUN! What do the winners get? Essentially, bragging rights. And maybe a little bit of publicity. For being chosen as a “Tiviachick’s Top Ten” laser tag arena the selected locations will receive a certificate of recognition at the end. Based on the votes, the top three winners in each category will receive awards of placement. I just want this to be a way to give a nice shout out to some arenas where I have personally enjoyed playing during my travels and found them to be particularly memorable and worthy of sharing. Have fun and please vote!

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